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What do you all have for dinner


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I usually have 2 Bird's Eye chicken burgers, 1 jacket potato, and mixed vegtables. I drink orange juice with this.

Or sometimes I eat 1 of the ready made meals from the Tesco Light Choices range.
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my dinners differ a lot. yesterday i made a cumberland pie for everyone with cauliflower and cabbage and poured lots of gravy on it. i miss my gravy as came to slim fast from atkins!
i buy the ready microwave meals and add my own veg and gravy to them as well.
i snack on salad foods if i get the munchies during the day. always got cucumber, beetroot and cherry tomatos in the fridge ready to munch on. and if i need a sweet treat i have either a sugar free sweet or maybe a chocolate options hot drink. at only 40 cals its better than having a choccie bar and lasts longer :D


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i have whatever i fancy but in moderation and i try to keep it as healthy as possible last night i had chicken breast with noodles and veg


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Until I'm well enough to cook I'm having either tesco or asda healthy ready meals and add extra veg, as it's easy for DP to make and he doesn't eat any veg except peas and isn't fussed on pasta, rice ect. plus he needs to eat around 3,000 calories a day to keep his BMI above 18(lucky so-and-so:() So it's too much hassle trying to do a meal we can both eat. Plus it's helping with my portion control.


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I only started on Monday, but something Ive had twice already is cajun chicken with salad and some cottage cheese. Im sure youve seen the new schwartz adverts, advertising their new seasonings? Well I just cube up 2 chicken breast, fry them in a few sprays of 1 cal, add a couple of teaspoons of the seasoning and then a little bit of water (otherwise the seasoning goes lumpy. Leave to cook for 5 mins, and thats it!! really quick and very tasy. Ijust pile half od my plate full with salas, and have the cottage cheese almost as a sauce. YUM YUM!!!


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the cajun one is quite spicy, but I like that!! you can also get extra hot cajun, but im not that brave!! bbq sounds nice, must try that one!


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My favourite meal at the moment is a quorn steak thing, with bulgur wheat salad and some lettuce.
Or caesar salad, I'm a bit addicted to that.
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Last night I had spag bol made with quorn meatballs and asda good for you pasta sauce and a tonne of chopped veg and wholemeal spaghetti. it was DELICIOUS!!
Tonight...treating myself to a Weight Watchers pizza and salad! Mmmm! xx
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I have salad with tuna or chicken and ceaser dressing or pesto, sometimes with new potatoes too. Doesn't sound all that exciting but it really fills me up, which is why I keep having salad! I sometimes have Birds Eye's chargrilled chicken with some chips if I feel like I need a 'treat' of sorts - it's still under 600 cals, thats if you measure the chips out properly...
Jacket potatoes are good, too, and easy to make. I have tuna with sweetcorn, coleslaw, or beans with mine.
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Tonight i think i will have a ww pita (as only 100 cal) filled with either, tuna and sweetcorn with mayo, or chicken flavoured with bbq and salad with some wedges on the side :D

My other half likes pittas with cheese and bacon melted since i made them for him, so this way i dont feel like im wanting to eat or have a bit out of what he's having (sometimes a bite makes me feel better lol!)

And the wedges give it the naughty chip feeling but within 600 cal


Now Maintaining :)
S: 11st8lb C: 8st1lb G: 8st1lb BMI: 19.4 Loss: 3st7lb(30.25%)
I had half a pizza for dinner today. End of the week treat. ;)
My OH is going out tomorrow night. That's when it gets hard. I am having a ww pizza and ww lasange. Weird together but hopefully it'll stop me raiding the cupboards. Is it ok to save my snacks for after dinner?


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i had a jacket potato with tuna and onion low fat mayo and salad it was sooo yummy :)
S: 11st3lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 0st3lb(1.91%)
i have a ww cook book that i used when i was doing ww.
all the meals are easy to make and they show the calories beside the amount of points.


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I've had roast lamb with a couple of roast pots, cabbage and yorkshire puds

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