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what do you do after you've hit target??

pinkflamingdaisies said:

Just wondering what eating plan do u follow after hitting target? Do you up your syns, hexs ?? I don't attend a group and i follow the plan at home

Many thanks x
My sil has hit target at her class and she has 2 extra he's and 20 syns a day which helps her maintain it's about finding what works for u though Hun

Also carrying on the theme when I hit target I'm going for an all out Mexican !!! Guacamole galore :)!!
haha i havent done it yet!! i just wondered how it worked, my mum and boyfriend all seem to be under the impression that as soon as ive hit target ill just eat normally and put it back on, but i can see how it can be used as a long term plan so thanks for all the advise :)

ps i fully would have the mexican AND the cream bun! ;)
When I hit target I intend to have one of those White part baked loaves straight out the oven slathered in butter lol
Isn't it funny the things we miss? I haven't missed much cos I've still had it but I haven't had White bread since january!

Well done on hitting target. Our C advises you increase your HE's rather than syns but most target-hitters in our group have a few weeks fluctuating until they strike the right balance. I think I'm going to be one of them who gains a lb or 2 but then do a full week of being on plan to get it back off if you understand what I mean x
I have been at target for a year now. I usually just increase my HEX's although if I need to have extra syns i.e for a special occasion or just feeling greedy then the following few days I will just revert to having 1 HEXB (on extra easy).

I have just come back of holiday where it was 2wks all inclusive. I eat what I wanted then got straight back on plan and when I returned to class I had lost one and a half pounds :) :)


Just wondering what eating plan do u follow after hitting target? Do you up your syns, hexs ?? I don't attend a group and i follow the plan at home

Many thanks x
My answer seems to be struggle!

Maintain it, then have gains, lose it again, reduce target, struggle some more. Get to target again and fight like hell to maintain, and really, really miss the days when all you had to do was keep on losing.

Fair to say maintaining is less fun, more difficult and quite dull and unrewarding;)

The reward is getting there of course.
I've been wondering about this too as although I have a goal I suspect I'll want to lower it when I get there (haven't been a healthy BMI as an adult so wasn't sure :eek:) but presumably as we can (and do! lol) eat a lot on Slimming World won't your weight loss eventually just plateaux without the need for extra syns/hex's?
Ive just hit target and can't get my head out of the frame of mind of losing!
This is what I meant. I've now got two weeks in Florida to look forward too and all the temptation that involves!

On the plus side, on my return I will get to do what I like doing best - that is losing weight and getting a buzz doing it.

A fine line between being 100% and making the most of a dream holiday. 2 weeks indulgence followed by four weeks hard work sounds like a plan to me.

On a serious note, it left a huge void in me once I reached target and reduced it! - probably becaue like many others I never thought I'd get there.:eek:

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