What do you do in Image Therapy?


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I only attended a few classes when I was preg and wasn't allowed at ww. I really disliked the sw classes. We got weighed in by fellow members - not the C which I didn't like. I am quite precious about my weight and didn't want the 2 ladies at the scales - neighbours of mine - to know it. Also you didn't get the chance to speak with the C, like you do at ww.
Then she spends ages with the newbies while we sat about. Then she called out everyones results - even gains - which I didn't agree with. This went on forever! Then she did a raffle and SOW and that was about it I think.
I personally didn't find it in the least inspirational. But to be fair it was a brand new class, perhaps it improved, I didn't hang around to find out!
I imagine that some C's are better than others.


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I think that most SW groups follow the format that you mentioned Purple Star. All the ones I have attended anyway.
The consultant cannot possibly be expected to attend to new members, take cash and weigh everyone and then do image therapy in the short time span!
If the class only has half a dozen members or so, then she can but otherwise it's impossible.
The ladies who do weigh in do not divulge anyones weight. When I did it a few years ago, I was advised that it was strictly confidential so you don't need to worry there.
With regards to not wanting any gains read out, you can ask the consultant not to, and she won't. However, everyone is in the same boat and we all have bad times. Sometimes it helps to have a chat about it with others.
If you really need to speak to your consultant, and she has been too busy with new members, why not mention during image therapy that you would like to have a word with her? I am sure that she will be more than happy to give you time after class.
By the way it has been said that there is a far greater chance of losing and maintaining if you do attend (I think it's 90%), even if you may find it boring, which I don't as I always appreciate new ideas and tips from others.


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Hi hon, I went back to ww after I had my baby and always stayed to class - and loved it. So I agree staying is important, if you get something out of it. I am having a go at sw again to shift my xmas gain, but will go back to ww to weigh in for now - its free for me anyway as I am a gold member. In ww, the leader does the wi, the talk and then new members stay at the end for their talk. That works better for me personally.
However, please don't feel I am 'dissing' sw - I think loads about it is better than ww! I am giving EE a go and I think it could be way better for maintenance than counting points forever!!


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I don't mind people knowing how much I weigh - it doesn't bother me. As the previous poster has said, it's confidential. And I usually say if I think I'm going to have a gain - and have a bit of a giggle about it with the ladies and that maybe I had a bit too many nice things that week. I find everyone really friendly, and am happy to have a bit of humour to go along with my ups and downs.

At my group, while people are being weighed, the consultant gives the new member talk to any new members - once we've been weighed and waiting for image therapy to start, it's a good chance to chat to other members - tips, etc - and have a look at the magazines or books. I usually copy a recipe down every couple of weeks.

Image Therapy does consist of going through losses and gains, but is usually followed up with talking to the individuals - either asking if they need help with anything, or sometimes prompting the group to discuss something as a whole. In some weeks we talk about an issue first, then go round everyone with their weigh in results and people talk about the topic at that time.

Common topics include talking about our favourite SW meals, recipe ideas, favourite non-SW meals(!) and how to make them low syn, dealing with events like birthdays, Christmas, alcohol, etc. Other times we'll talk about setting targets, play games about guessing the syn values of common snacks, trying new foods that are in the shops, and occassionally members who've been there for a while will say how much better they feel on SW, what they like best, etc etc. The word for the web sometimes gives us something to talk about too - how many things can we think of making using that ingredient!

If members say they're struggling at a particular time of day/week, we all try and suggest our ways of managing the problem - snacking after dinner, for example.

This is just a selection of things we chat about - I've picked up loads of tips, ideas, and tried new things because of what we cover in the groups I go to.

However, I've been to one bad group that just goes through the gains and losses, doesn't prompt any chatting (only asks if everyone's ok), does the raffle, SOW then is gone. I left after a few weeks - there's plenty of good consultants out there - you just need to find one!

Oops - this turned into a long one!!!
Every consultant has a "team" - someone to take the money, someone to do the weighing, someone to run the "shop". From my experience, I know that consultants make very sure that their team understand the principles of confidentiality and that anyone who wants to be weighed by the consultant only, can ask to do that. Anyone who doesn't want anything to be mentioned only has to ask.


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So far I've found SW classes to be much better than WW classes. My old WW leader basically read off a script and wasn't very inspirational at all tbh. I much prefer SW, as it feels much more open and not about what my SW has been told to tell us. Theres much more recipe swapping and ideas going round.

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i have found u sit about listening to each person say their week has been ok, they were expecting to lose/gain, and they have no problems for next week. plus a bit of a clap at these wildly unadventurous responses. lol. sorry, i find it a bit of a snooze fest tbh


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hey all,
I.M.A.G.E therapy, Individual, Motivation And Group Experience. SW aim is to have a group where members can support other members, sometimes you will find that members can inspire members as they are going through the same thing as them. The role of the consultant basically is to support members with anything they have but show members that their weight is their responsibilty, not to make them feel guilty about their weight even if they gain as we are all human and its a natural thing.
All new members shud be weighed in with the consultant in the first class but yes u are right its impossible to be at every place, thats what weekly phone calls and text are for so that if a member has a problem or their weight doesnt go so well that they can talk to their consultant.
diole :)
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I have read all these posts with interest as my C left as she was only standing in while the class was waiting on a permanent one. She is V experienced (17+yrs) and her classes were so structured, but fun, there was not a single week where I did not leave feeling inspired - or having learnt something. One week the area manager stood in and the format was that of the first post and all the members did not like it. Another temp has taken over the class and the format is still the same and the class size has dwindled to under 10 staying. I know the format works - or I would not have been going to class, but surely the class numbers must show slimming world where the good C's are, I can't get back to class till March (college night class) and hope there is an inspirational person in post by then.


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I guess that goes to prove it depends on the C (same with ww of course) and you can get good and ba. I assume that with sw if you are a member you can go to any group each week? So you can try a few to find one you like?


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Yes you can. Just take your book along and you'll be welcome anywhere.


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I'd just like to add one thing to reassure those who do not like to be weighed in by "a member of the class" - we do not, and can not, divulge anyone's weight.
To be honest, it's like a production line, I look at the scales and write the number in the book telling the person what they have lost or gained and if they have any awards.
I take no notice whatsoever of what that number is. It's so fast that the brain doesn't even register it.
All it is the the weighing lady is a number and that number is never ever discussed!

As for the format of classes, it should follow a similar format at each group but our consultant always has a bit of a "theme" for 5 mins first - be that Easter and how to deal with the choc, mother's day, holidays, etc etc etc, then it's on to the "round the group bit" - this is often boring for some but for me it's invaluable as it's a chance to share experiences and hints and tips.