What do you do when you get the "urge" to eat ?


I was just wondering:

When you sit down and relax and your mind would automatically think of food, and you are in the habit of getting and eating food at certains points of the day (or like me, all day :D) What do you do to take your mind off it and to calm that "urge to eat" ?
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Some of the things I do:
Set timer on microwave for 15 mins and go do something. Usually by the time it goes off the hunger has passed.
Come online and write in 'diet diary'
Work on photoshop tutorials
Read my rss feeds
Play an online game
Clean something
Paint my nails
Have a warm bath
Read a book

Anything you can do to distract yourself!


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Making a cup of tea or coffee works for me every time.

Yep, I'd have to agree, often we think of food when we are in fact thirsty so always go for a big glass of water or a hot drink see if that takes the craving away.