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What do you eat

On a typical day?

I'm considering starting ww again at home on my own as I can't get a babysitter to go to class and I can't afford to pay for an online subscription.

I havent done ww for years so forgotten what its all about. I've tried sw and LL/CD and neither are for me despite losing quite a bit on LL/CD but regaining after stopping.
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hi there i started on tues and here is what i have eatin

Well first day back on plan and going well so far, this is my food diary for today, please feel free to comment, i cud do with the help

Breakfast – 30g cheerios with 125ml semi skimmed milk & banana– 4.5

Snack – harvest chewee bar – 1.5

Lunch – light choices mince & potatoes & ww dessert yoghurt – 4

Dinner – medium jacket potato with 30g cheddar, 2 vegetable fingers, mixed side salad & 50g reduced fat coleslaw – 8.5

Snack -1 slice toast with low low cheese triangle with ham – 2.5

(1/4 pint semi skimmed milk used for coffee throughout the day – 1)

(2 litres of water)

Total – 22/22


Breakfast – 30g cheerios with 125ml semi skimmed milk, ww dessert yoghurt – 4

Snack – banana – 1.5

Lunch – light choices prawn cocktail with mixed side salad, pack of 6 melba toast light choices & packet of onion ring crisps – 6.5

Dinner – 2 low fat sausages, 2 waffles & an egg – 7

Snack – harvest chewee bar – 1.5

(1/4 pint semi skimmed milk – 1)

Total – 22/22

Breakfast – 1 slice toast with 3 tbsp beans, mushrooms & cherry tomatoes – 2.5 points

Snack – 150g strawberries – 0.5 points

Lunch – light choices prawn cocktail with mixed side salad, 2 slices wheaten and packet onion ring crisps – 8.5 points

Dinner – ww chicken & mushroom pie with medium potato cut into chips & roasted in ovenwith spices & mixed side salad – 8.5 points

Snack – harvest chewee bar – 1.5 points

(1/4 semi skimmed milk used for coffee throughout the day – 1 )

Total – 22.5
Saved – (1/2 point over, cut back durin week :) )
Well I am allowed 24 pts and here's what I've eaten so far today;

Cereal & Milk 2.5pts

Plum 0.5pts

Roll with Egg Mayo 5

Plums x 2 = 1pt
Nectarine = 0.5pts

Chicken Curry with Rice (home-made) 6.5

So I think that after my dinner I will have 8 points left to play around with. You do have to make sure that you do eat all your points.
Hi if you look in the food diary section you can see what people are having on a daily basis :D
I do it on my own from home too as I cant get to classes due to childcare, I got the books off ebay for a tenner and combined with this site it is so easy to follow x
I have done cd and like you say the losses are great (lost 7st in 6 months back in 2008) but it goes back on very easily which is why I got a big chunk off with cd this time and have now swapped to WW to learn good eating habits while I lose the rest.
I have tried SW but found that the portions were not resticted enough and I didnt lose very well at all :cry:

Good Luck with it and hope to see you around the boards x
20 points (started on 24)

b porridge made with semiskimmed milk

l mini pitta bread
chicken sliced breast
large salad
lf salad cream


wholemeal pasta
salmon fillet
free veg

4 cups of green tea sugarfree squash water

xx xx
I'm doing WW at home too, I went to meetings 10 years ago and still remember all the points (saddo I know he he!!) I find the WW magazine is really good for menu ideas too, good luck!! xx

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