what do you mix your shacks with while out


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I am looking for something that is battery powdered that i could take to college to mix my shacks or soups has anyone seen any or know where i can buy one from.... Even a mug with a little wisk type thing would do the job.

I know that they have the already made up ones but i split my meals into two so once i have opened it there is nowhere the other half can be stored

What do you all use to mix your shaks with at work?
What I used to do was get a beaker with a lid that closed tightly and then shake the hell put of it!!!!! I then use an aerolatte to whisk it, If I just used the areolatte to whisk, it didnt get all the lumps out.

aerolatte are on ebay, its a small battery whisk, I now take a hand blender to work and plug it in!!!
I just take a tetra with me to work and have that about 1:30-2:00pm. It's quick but it's gone in seconds so I find drinking all the water keeps the hunger at bay until I'm home.

I sometimes have a hot capp at home b4 work and then my tetra, then another hot shake b4 bed. I try and go 6-7 hrs between each one.

If I don't have hot capp in the morn then I have my tetra, a soup when I first get home whilst son eating his dinner then hot shake b4 bed.
my prob is i split my meals in half so that i have 6 small (halfs) in a day, one every 3hrs instead of 3 large one every 6hrs. I wouldn't be able to make it 6 hrs without anything... mind u i am only on day2 so my Ketosis has started
my boyfriend is a body builder, and he has meal replacement shakes because he needs to have 6-8 meals a day!!!!!! eek!

And he uses a beaker contraption and when you take the lid of it has a little plastic grid that goes just inside the lid. Add water then powder,then you shake like mad and the grid breaks any lumps up! There about £3 in holland and barratt - if you go to the body building bit they are there :)