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What do you say!!!

I was speaking to guy today and he was asking me how much weight I have lost altogether, I said 30lbs and he was asking when Im going to finish, I said prob jan/august as I still have a way to go. He just said "You dont want to gt to thin though!" I didnt know what to say. I dont want to be skin and bone but I want to be the weight I used to be before I went througha dark 2 years of piling on lbs. I know I would be happy at the size again.

I dont think he was being cruel or anything but I felt a bit akward. Mostly people have been saying keep it up and well done (those who know im on LL thoose who dont have even noticed!).

Oh well I am getting to my goal even if some people dont like it!
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nearly there!! :)
i get this the hole time!! the lowest i want to go is bout 9st 10lbs so thats not too low, BUT i weigh 15st 12lbs at one stage so i no they are just scared ill let it go ta my head.
i just roll my eyes and smile lol!!
Yeah I've had one orr two people say that - and I think they meant well. They were not saying I should stop now but more that I shouldn't overdo it.

The simple answer to the question is "No, it's ok, I won't overdo it." (You can expand on that but that's what I say).

If anyone was to tell me I should stop now (well befoe I'm thin I'm not sure what I'd say
if anyone told me to stop before I was at my goal weight/happy weight, I'd work out how much I had left to lose (roughly), convert that into bags of sugar, then tell them to go to Tescos, get a basket, put that many bags of sugar in it, and carry it around the shop for half an hour, to see just what it's like to carry that weight all the time.

Bet it'd soon have them back on your side :)

PS I actually went to Sainsburys the other day and put 20lbs worth of sugar in a basket, jee-zuz it was heavy! (20lbs of sugar is almost 10 bags worth! :eek: )
I'd work out how much I had left to lose (roughly), convert that into bags of sugar, then tell them to go to Tescos, get a basket, put that many bags of sugar in it, and carry it around the shop for half an hour, to see just what it's like to carry that weight all the time.
What a great idea!!!

This is happening to me all the time now - people asking my when Im going to stop, isn't it time to start eating again blah blah...The only people supporting me totally are my counsellor and my flatmate! I am 4ft 11 and 3/4 inches tall and currently weight 9st 9lb!!! I still want to lose at least another stone but thats not too much...for my height I should weight between 7.5 and 8.5 stone! I think people just get a bit funny seeing you going without solid food for 7 or 8 months :rolleyes:
Twinny, my mum is 4 10 and she flits between 8 and 8 and a half. So you're right, you can easily lose another stone and still be healthy. You'll have all the support you need here, and when you do come off the diet, looking all fabulous, people will get used to it.

You're doing it for you, not for them!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
It bugs me that people feel the need to comment on my weight.
Its my body & i'll do what I want with it.
If I want to become really skinny then thats up to me.
The worst people for saying it are the ones who are jealous and they used to be thinner than you, they can't seem to take it.
I think it's ok to go a little bit under your target weight as as soon as you start 'eating' again we are bound to put back on a few extra pounds just from the weight of food. Thats the view I've been giving my family.

Yeah I am thinking about the few lbs ill put on going back onto food. My target weight is 9st 7lbs which is what I was a couple of years ago just before I seem to gone thru a tough time with food and gained so much weight. I am thinking its gonna take me a while to get down to that now as I guess the last stone will be hard to lose.

Think whats best for me is to aim for the 9st 7lbs and see how I feel when I get there.


Guess who's back...?
Great thread - I've been thinking about this too... I'm still about 13 stone, but I've got people telling me I should stop, as I'm slim now... lol... I'm not - I'm size 16/18 with the occasional 14 chucked in.... my response has just been:
"I'm on this til February, don't worry, I don't intend to go below 10 stone, and I'm only slim 'in comparison' to how I was... which isn't what I am focusing on. I am just aiming for a healthy body and weight, try not to worry...." or in slightly differing words.
It's great when people say you are looking brilliant and slim and all that - but it definitely makes it harder when you tell people you've got another three stone to lose... they look at you as though you've become anorexic all of a sudden. I'm 5'7'' (although my LLC thinks I'm 5'8'', so my BMI is all over the place) - and don't think 10 stone is 'too thin' by any stretch - it may be thin compared to how anyone has seen me before - but that's because I've had a lifetime problem.

Anyway... any tips on stopping people in their tracks would be appreciated x
Like Anna I am tall (5ft 9in) and don't want to go below 10 stone I will be happy at 10st 7lb.
I'm 5ft 5 and the book says I should be about 8 to 9 stone ish.
My god if i ever got to that i would be exstatic. I'm working on 10 to 11 and half stone and I'll see from there. I've still got a long way to go.
Im 5ft 5 and after my first son I didnt drive and got into yoga and I weighed 8st 10lbs (which was a healthy BMI). I have to admit it breaks my heart to see photos from then as I looked great and I used to get a few people saying OH your too thin. I know I would be mad to think Id ever get to that again so for me I do think 9st 7 is about right and I would prob be a size 12 a ten on a good day!
I have a back issue of lighterlife magazine and in there it has an artical on a 5ft 5 woman, working out her BMI at different weight stages and it says that at 5'5'' between 8 and 9 stone ish is a healthy BMI!! At 11 stone she is overweight!!!
Well I have been 10 and a half stone in my adult life but had to starve myself to get that low.

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
I'm, 5ft 7 & managed to get down to 10st 7lbs before & that gives me a bmi of 23.

When I did LL before I did know where I wanted to be & when to stop.

I think as long as you are within a healthy weight range & you feel good about yourself that is where you should stop.

Don't listen to the comments from others, you know whats best for you.

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