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What do you think?


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S: 10st4lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 1st0lb(9.72%)
I weighed in this morning and one lady loses every week anything from 4 -8lbs. She lost 6lbs again this week and I noticed that alot of people were muttering that she can't just be doing the sw plan she must be taking something - What do you think? Has anybody else had such good consistant loses. Also does it matter if she is taking something as well?
I only ask as I struggle to lose a 1lb a week consistantly.
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My best friend is following SW with me and can easily lose 5-6lb in a week.

Firstly, she had a high BMI to start with and therefore in the beginning it was water, but now she exercises SO much, she is really determined to shed the weight!!! She is a prime example of someone who will have huge losses!

Since December she has lost 3 stone and 5lbs (i think!) and i think she is fantastic!!! She gets SOTW so much too - yay!

So it can be done, without taking anything - but it takes some unseen effort (the exercise and being 100%) and dedication!



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Okay, you struggle to lose a pound a week consistantly because you really don't have much to lose. Your start weight is only 4lb above my target weight! I couldn't get down to 9 stone without a massive struggle to lose a pound a week.

How much does this lady have to lose? We have some ladies at my group who lose 4-6lb a week and they have a fair bit to lose.

I'd say that people should mind there own business really! By "taking something else" do they mean xenical or alli or something she shouldn't? There was talk on here of someone's friend taking speed recently. She could be taking something on docs referral or she could just be sticking to the plan and be a fast loser.


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S: 15st11lb C: 15st11lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ahhhhh good old people - we always like to accuse people of wrong doing despite not knowing the facts lol

My friend did SW and had fab losses and followed the plan (and didnt take anything extra.....) so it can be done

Me however am a slow losser, people say I must not have satyed on plan 100% cos I only have small losses

we are all different :)

however i know want to eat exactly what she eats so I can get those losses too tee hee



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S: 13st6.5lb C: 13st6.5lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
the people talking about her sound jealous and bitter imo!! good on her for such fabulous losses. I lose well when i stick to plan (i had a month where i lost 5lb, then 4lb then 6lb then 4lb!) and all i was doing was sticking to SW 100%

don't listen to them, and don't worry about your losses, its your own personal journey and you'll do it in your own time x
S: 33st0lb C: 21st13.5lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 46.8 Loss: 11st0.5lb(33.44%)
If she's not following the plan and doing something else but going to class then it would be weird but if she's doing the plan, even if she has extra help with xenical or whatever then it's still the plan. I've got quite embarrassed about the number of SotW's I get and possible annoy other people though I haven't noticed anything from them but then I'll still be losing weight while they're all maintaining so I doubt they'd really want to switch places! It sounds like the other people at class are jealous imo.


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S: 10st4lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 1st0lb(9.72%)
Thank you for all your quick replies, it gets you down sometimes when you struggle and try really hard and other people lose loads doing the same plan. I am extremely pleased for her and her losses and to be honest even if she is taking alli or whatever I congratulate her on changing her life style and losing the weigh she wants to. I think you are right though it is jealousy.
S: 12st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st2lb(16.67%)
It depends on her size. I've found that people with a lot to lose can drop quite dramatically at the beginning. Also people lose differently so while it's frustrating to lose so little, it might be your body's way of coping with the changes.

She may be taking something. There's a "diet pill" ( :rolleyes: ) that's being advertised on tv (not sure if I'm allowed to mention it but it starts with an 'A') that says you can lose an extra pound to every 2 you lose.

Here we go:

It works by stopping some of the fat you eat from being absorbed, so for every 2 lb (1 kg) you lose from eating healthily, adding alli can help you lose 1 lb (1/2 kg) more.

Due to the way the alli capsules work, it’s important to eat a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet. You may do so already, in which case you’ll probably only need to make some minor adjustments – check your daily fat and calorie targets for more details.

I've only heard bad things about it, like people going over so many calories have had fat leaking out of them. I read of a woman who kept leaking every time she had gas, and who's pants used to be all greasy from fat leaking out! :jelous:

I personally think that sticking to eating well and moving more than usual is the way to go. I wish I could lose more than 1lb a week but I'm just grateful it's a loss and that it's not damaging me! :)


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years ago the first time i done slimming world i weight in at a bit over 14 stone, i joined in september, and by february the following year i had nearly shifted 4 stone.
all i did was stick to the plan 101%, no alcohol, syns only the amount i was alloud, i weight all my healthy extra, even bought digital kitchen scales to get a more accurate weight on them. once i lost 2 stone i started doing callanetics to tone up as i did not want to go to a gym.
unfortunally for me my group closed before i reached target, and the next one was too far away.
i kept the weight off for close to two years, and then it started coming back and some.

so am doing slimming world again, going it alone as there is no groups, and will have my first weigh in on saturday supervised by hubby so i cant cheat myself


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S: 10st4lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 1st0lb(9.72%)
I would say that the lady in question probably has 3/4 stones to lose x Jaylou
Everyone is different. Some people lose weight faster than others. Tough, but that's the way it is. If the other folk in the class don't understand that, then they are too stupid to bother about!!
Good on her if she IS losing so much on SW, but I can totally see why people are suspicious, shes losing at a rate of someone on a VLCD.

There was a thread on Minimins last year where people on a VLCD were debating going to WW for a weigh in but not mentioning they were on a VLCD and how funny it would be with them losing SO much more than people following WW properly. Seemed to be a great source of amusement and I was horrified how many people said they would love to do that :mad:

Im not for a minute suggesting thats what she IS doing, shes possibly just very lucky but as I said I can see why people would wonder....


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S: 17st5lb C: 11st4lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 6st1lb(34.98%)
At my class there are a couple of really dedicated members that regularly lose 2 - 3 lbs but 4 - 8 lbs seems too good to be true!!

I HAVE to have a treat on weighing night and am sure if I didn't then I would lose more. I would say that I stick to the plan 80 - 90% of the time but I think if you are 100% it can be done!


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Grrrrrrrr people like that really annoy me....good luck to her and its now apparant she has a fair bit to lose. Why cant these sad individuals who clearly have nothing better to do than gossip just get a life and maybe congratulate her instead of snipe.

Sorry but my pet hate is bitter jealous people!


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S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
I lost my weight over a relatively short period of time - only 11 months - and although I wasn't losing that sort of number, I was regularly SoW and SoM. I'd like to think no-one in the group was put out by that and certainly no-one showed it to my face. But I worked my butt off (literally) week in week out - 100% every day, cardio/weight training 4 times a week and running 3 mornings a week before work. I sweated every single pound off and worked hard! Maybe she is doing the same and the losses should get smaller as time goes on.


is working hard.....
S: 20st1lb C: 14st12lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 5st3lb(25.98%)
Last time around on SW I had some big losses in the first few weeks (had a lot to lose!) I then I discovered my hubby had been having an affair :cry: and despite sticking to plan (syns v. necessary for wine lol), the emotions and nervous energy expended meant more big losses of each week for a few weeks. I never told a soul what was happening at group apart from my C, and I know there were some mutterings about my losses then too. It wasn't a good time, nor a good way to lose weight tbh!

I just don't think people should judge anyone's losses as such - you can't know what is going on for someone personally. :) xx


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S: 27st8.5lb C: 11st11lb G: 11st10.5lb BMI: 23.7 Loss: 15st11.5lb(57.31%)
I've probably had the same said about me. I've lost 13.5st in 17months - I was regularly SoW for the first 5 months or so, with averaging 4-5lb each week and dropping a stone every month.

It comes down to a lot of afactors though...

Starting weight - i started at over 27.5st - i had it to loose
Diet - my diet previous to SW was attrocious - £7-£10 of snack food every day, takeaways 4 or 5 times a week, etc. Changing to cooking every night is going to produce drastic results.

but ultimately - if i say i've been on plan 100% - you can guarentee that i mean 100% - i've adapted my life to fit the plan, and i've adapted the plan to fit my life. I've not always been 100% on plan - life gets in the way sometimes - but i do my best.

Additionally - it's a case (i believe) of personal philiosphies - I've adapted the philosophy that the loss doesn't matter in terms of what the weight means - it's just a means of keeping score of how successful I've been with the plan. Any gains is an excuse to refocus, a loss is good, a maintain is OK. I've set myself little targets along the way - beyond the 7lb awards that SW give us - but have kept them perfectly realistic and if i'm not quite there - then so be it.



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There was a thread on Minimins last year where people on a VLCD were debating going to WW for a weigh in but not mentioning they were on a VLCD and how funny it would be with them losing SO much more than people following WW properly. Seemed to be a great source of amusement and I was horrified how many people said they would love to do that :mad:
Gosh, this makes me so sad.

Losing weight isn't a competitive sport, if I lose a couple of pounds it isn't at the expense of someone else and likewise if someone else loses weight it doesn't affect me. I feel sad for anyone who considers their own weight loss a sort of "one-upmanship", as if losing weight more quickly makes them somehow superior to those who lose weight slowly. It's a battle so many of us have to face, and treating it as a competition only adds to the distress that so many of us feel about our individual weight issues, whether we have 1 stone or 10 stone to lose.

What's important for ME to focus on is not how much other people lose, although their eating plans and tips can be very useful things to model my own behaviour on. I need to focus on MY eating and MY weight loss, whether that's 4lb, 2lb, or 1/2lb a week. It doesn't matter whether I get there in 6 months or two years, as long as I do it in a way that feels comfortable to me and sustainable in the long term.

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