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what does everyone do to relieve stress in a non food way?

i can eat healthy pretty good when i am not stressed. but as soon as i have a high stress day, food becomes my crutch. out come the high fat, high carb, high sugar foods. i can't face just healthy foods, even though i really enjoy eating healthy. what does everyone do? and if anyone does the same as me, how are you tackling it?:)
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I'm the same as you, with the added problem of boredom eating. I swim to relieve my stress and boredom; I swim ten lengths for each problem, or until I've forgotten about them. I find that in the pool, I can completely disconnect myself from the outside; something I've found I can't do with any other excercise.
yep i find that too. when you're underwater its great. i reckon i will try and do that more. my daughter is going five days a week to preschool after the holidays so i might see if i can go swimming more often in the mornings.:)
I walk the dogs, we have 3 who go out 3 times a day but their always up for an extra one if your feeling cheesed off


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I try to do stuff that'll help me relax like a nice long soak in the bath with lotsa bubbles etc or paint my nails, put on a face mask... basically go on a wee mini pamper session with soothing music the background and focus on all the good things in my life and how lucky I am compared to others.

Might all sound a bit airy fairy but it works for me!


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Stress and food are not really linked for me. I'm more likely to go for the wine when I feel stressy! What's the answer? I wish I knew Bex!! :)


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some form of exercise.... it helps that ive got some of my own gym things in the spare room but it helps calm me down... either that or a relaxing bath with nice bath products :)

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