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what does quorn taste like

this might sould silly but i dont eat meat and dont like the look or taste of meat.

I know quorn burgers are free and they look like normal burgers but someone mentioned in class they dont taste like meat.

can anyone describe the taste? If they are made to taste like normal burgers then i wont like them but if they taste of somthing savory i probably will.

I am really really missing my nut cutlets and veggi burgers :cry:
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its really nice ive used the mince for years as my husband doesnt like minced beef he thinks its to grissely. Ive not long started using the chicken style pieces for curry and stir frys and it is a great subsitute. Im not really keen on the sausages but with a dollup of mustard they are not to bad. Cant really explain the taste but its not meaty unless u add beef oxo like i do
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To me they don't taste anything like meat.
When people tell me that they don't know how I can eat quorn sausages because they don't taste like sausages, I tell them that the trick is not to expect them to taste like proper sausages.

I think all quorn products are nice and savoury but they don't taste like meat to me at all.
The mince and the chicken style pieces take on the flavour of whatever sauce you put them in and give meals a bit of substance (refrained from using the word 'body' there as you are a veggie :) )
Not a lot is the short answer - it's what you put WITH it that gives it the flavour! At least, that's true for the mince, though the 'chicken fillets' do look and feel like real chicken, just a lot more bland!

As many (but NOT ALL - do check first!) of the products are free, it's well worth giving it a try, for it can be very useful.

P.S. eternity just, literally, 'pipped me to the post', and put it SO much better than I did!
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I have made my own veggie burgers and they were free, just steamed all the veg, added salt pepper mustard, and 2 egg to mix made them into patty shapes and cooked on a baking tray , they are no good for cooking on a bbq though as they fall apart if on a rack
i really dont like quorn so wouldnt recommend it at all, i think its got a strange texture and doesnt have much of a taste of anything


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i too eat loads of quorn, it does really take on the flavours of whatever you cook it with. I like the burgers,I don't think they're meat like ( although i've not eaten meat for 26 years!!) I also like the sausages. I use the mince, chunks and fillets several times a week and they're great.

Give quorn a try and let us know how you get on.


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In a word DISGUSTING! I bought the chicken fillets - they were really dear, and I had to throw them in the bin - the smell was horrendos! Follow the extra easy plan and you can have REAL chicken! FABULOUS! :D
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I love quorn, I use it all the time. When you cook with it you do need a little more seasoning as it hasn't got much of a flavour. The lamb bbq ribs (or something like that) are meaty texture & flavour. Other than that quorn doesn't resemble meat.

I'd buy quorn & not 'shops own' meat free which I find 'nasty'. :)


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I wish I liked Quorn, I really do, but to me it doesn't taste of anything, has a horrible texture, and gives me indigestion!
I agree - it has given me indigestion before as well - that's from eating the sausages.

I think quorn is really expensive for what it is... I found some meat-free sausages (1/2 syn each) in the freezer section in Sainsburys which tasted 10 times better than quorn and they were a lot cheaper!


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I can do the mince, with loads of oxo! It is easier to digest, but I can't get on with the pieces! It's the texture. And it's BLAND! Even with oxo herbs and chilli. But then I like strong flavours.
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My veggie daughter won't eat quorn, cos it tastes too much like meat. She will, however, eat, and loves, realeat soya mince. Other than that she won't eat substitute. She is only 9, and often asks why they make them taste like meat. 'If I liked meat, I'd eat meat' she says.

One word - disgusting!! But then I am a meat eater and I love meat!
The thing with quorn is that, for me, it has an "artificial" smell and taste. I can describe the taste other than it tastes like mush. I can't get on with it and believe me I have tried.
As for veggie burgers, I've made lots of different veggie burgers from scratch, stick carrots, onion, butternut squash and whatever else you want through a food processer to grate it, add egg and seasoning and leave in the fridge for a bit to go harder then fry gently in fry light. Yum! Lots of other varieties too.

My opinion is that of Lynda's daughter, if you don't like meat, don't eat the substitutes!!
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I have eaten Quorn for years (although not the mince, as its absolutely honking), then I discovered Asda Meat free range and I much prefer it. Now I use Asda meat free burgers(nicer than Quorn), meat free kievs, chicken style fillets( a million times nicer than Quorn) chicken style pieces etc, and they are GORGE and MUCH cheaper than Quorn.... except the mince, even the asda range is disgusting.... oh boke. ! ! ! !


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I am a meat eater... but I also eat Quorn. I like it, and I feel it gives me more variety. By way of comparison, I have made chili and bolognese both from meaty mince and quorn mince, and I have to say, there is enough of a difference for me to definitely prefer the meaty mince for these recipes. However, I do eat quorn sausages (which are their own thing and don't taste like "normal" sausages) and fillets and burgers, etc, as has been mentioned above, many are free or low syn and I feel are tasty enough that you don't feel too deprived. The trick is to accept them for what they are and don't try to compare them to anything else.
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I have tried quorn a few times but it upsets my stomach, it didn't taste that good either imo so I stay clear of it. Other family members eat it all the time and really enjoy it, so I guess its a case of try it and see.

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