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What does slimfast involve?



sisters of slim
its really easy a shake for brekkie(powder or ready made) a shake for lunch(or a slimfast bar or soup) and your own 600 cal meal for tea,you can also have 3 slimfast snacks a day as well,i dont ,i dont think a extra 300 a day in snacks is helpful to lose weight.my son and i have lost 100lb between us in a year ,our 1st year diet anniversary was on the 1st of aug ha ha .we are still on it ,but you have to get used to a liquid diet for much of the 24 hours which takes practice and willpower,but once your brain realises its only getting shakes you get used to it.i have 3st to go and dont plan on changeing from slimfast as all the vits and mins are in the 2 shakes i have never felt better,thanks for being nosy ,i have had no one to talk to either,everyone i started with on the slimfast site have disapeared like all diets it easy to start but you have got to be in it for the long haul if you want to be slim,it took me 17 years to get fat i dont think 1 1/2 to get rid of it will be bad going eh,bye for now angie and josef x
Thanks for your reply - celebrity slim is the very same - except the evening meal is supposed to be low carb instead of calorie counted. Does josef like the diet too - well he must do to say he is doing so well too. Do you both exercise?

I agree with you it took a while for the weight to go on and it will take time to come off - my aim is to stay on the diet until I am 9 stone and 6lbs and then find a maintenance that works. You two must be feeling and looking fantastic - 100lbs off that is amazing!!!


sisters of slim
hi again,yes we both exercise,i do 30 mins a day on my all singing all dancing treadmill on full incline so i run up a hill every day,and josef has a 14ft trampoline and bounces himself silly ha ha .josef likes slimfast as i was on it,he was 12st 2 and for a 5ft ,13 year lad he was obese and i checked with the doc and he said it was fine to go on slimfast,he is now 8st 6 and classed as underweight but still has a little bit of belly so wants to be 8st 3 for going back to school,i have just got his new shirts and they are 4 sizes smaller than last year ,i am so proud of him he is like a different boy,he is 14 now and my mam said it was me that got him fat so it had to be me that got him thin and i feel great we have done it together, bye for now angie x
I think that is amazing that ye have done this together -you must be very close. I have a wee boy 6 months old - he is the main reason I want to be slim and healthy - to take him swimming etc and to set a good example for him.

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