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What does your other half think


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Tonight I am going to tell my boyf of 5 years that I am going to start CD.
I have never been on a VLCD before so he has not experienced me not eating with him before.
My usual diets involve either food combinations or lots of salads.
I just don't know what he will think of it?
Prob think its just another fad diet, but I know he will stick by if its what i want to do.
What about you?
WHat have your partners thought?
Were thwy against it but now they have started seeing results they are positive about it?
let me know
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My hubby has ONLY known me as 'dieting' he was VERY sceptical of CD BUT in 6 weeks & nearly 2 stone down he's impressed! So much so that he dragged me upstairs the other day!!lol! xxxxxx


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My DH was sceptical the 1st time i did it :sigh: but this time he is much more supportive of me which i am pleased about. In fact if i start to lose more weight than him then i know he'd join me :p


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I think i am pretty lucky because me and my OH have started the diet together so we are a support system for each other plus with only us 2 living here we have emptied the fridge, freezer and cupboards to stop cheating which really helps :)

He has 5 stone to loose and i have 8 :cry: so i'm glad i have him to lean on when it gets tough!!

What we have realised though is that food was our main hobby :eek: i mean when it comes to the weekend we would always go out for a meal or do something that at some point involves food like popcorn at the cinema and now were at a loss when it comes to the weekend haha so we visited my parents instead :p

The hardest part for you will probably be if you eat out together but i'm sure he will understand and support you :D


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My OH of 2 1/2 years was absolutely lovely about it- he has been totally supportive as he wants me to be healthy and happy about myself, and is often my conscience in moments of weakness! If he was against it I would still do it, but having his support makes things a whole lot easier!



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well my hubby met and married me at a weight of around 17stone
i have since put on another 3 so he has only ever know me as a teletubby
i met my cdc last night and he came with me, listend to what she had to say and seemed pretty impressed with it all
he knows how sad i am to be so big and i think as long as i`m happy he will be o.k with me doing the cd


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I have spoken with the boyfriend about it, and he says as long as I don't hurt myself and it makes me hapier then he will back me up 100%.
I did expect him to roll his eyes and say "oh another diet" but maybe i was wrong.
ANyway got meeting with CDC tonight so can't wait


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Good luck for meeting your CDC tonight Peachy and so pleased your other half is being supportive, it really does help :)


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My hubby (soon to be ex) was all for me losing the weight, though he didnt support me once through it. He constantly ate junk food around me sometimes goading me.
Anyway once the weight loss became evident he became jealous, by no means am I anywhere near target weight but he has seen how confident I feel now and it scared him.

Im so envuious of people with supportive partners......make the most of it. I have to get my support from my boys and you guys


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my fiance has been great, really supportive.. He knows how much it means to me and is behind me 100%


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well my hubby is supportive, in that he didnt criticise me at all, but he is very ignorant about issues to do with weight, if i loose 6 pounds he will say'but is that good?'
he has never had a weight problem though and eats the biggest amount of nonsense and junk in the world,i do wish he would cook sometimes though as its a bit annoying cooking all the time and not eating, also wish he would stop saying 'whats for dinner/im hungry/do they chinese still deliver after 10/wheres all the crisps/i want some chocolate'
although he did tell his sister off when she told me to stuff the diet and have a glass of baileys with them on sunday
swings and roundabouts come to mind:eek:
My H2B is supportive but a bit sceptical of my commitment to stick to it (i have fad dieted on and off for about 3 years). I start tomorrow and i am determined to stick to it and prove him wrong! I have no doubt he will support me 100%, but its a case of 'i'll believe it whe i see it', which is my fault not his! xx


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I am very luck too my hubby is very supportive and even offered to cook (which he can't) his food and eat it in another room.

He knows I would do anything dangerous and knows that being slimmer will make me a happy and healthier person :)


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Hi Im with Sonkie on this. I thought my other half was going to be so supportive and proud of me - im 3 stone down and only a stone to go max - and i am realy getting some serious attention and fantastic comments but he is just so matter of fact about it. Im confused. I was 15 stone when we met 7 years ago and now after an increase before dieting i am now 13 stone and so happy. I crave chocolate like others do ciggies etc and he has had an easter egg opened sat like a trophy on the bedsidecabinet where i can see it before i go to bed and then when i get up and te smell is killing me. He then goes and gets tubs of icecream to eat in front of me and wonders why i don't want to sit in the same room as him!!!!! If i ask him if i look good its a yes but nothing is forthcoming otherwise no compliaments no encouragement and i have to say the sex has reduced :cry: Just when i was feeling good about myself. I won't deny i feel very let down and we are strugglng at the mo. So i too envy you lovely ladies who have so much support cherish it babes.

Take care Marce x


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When myH2B first saw my CD packs he said "oh my gosh this is fasting are you sure your'e going to be able to do this" he didn't say it but i know he thought i'd probably give up after a day. Now he's really supportive, sometimes i even test him by saying oh can i have some of that and he's like no babe you've done so well so NO and it makes me feel so good.


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My hubby is very very supportive, and he is my support system, he keeps telling me how well I am doing and that I am not giving up (he knows how much I want this), think he is getting a little jealous of my weight loss, but his body fat is much less than mine even though I weigh less...? I don't think I would be able to do it without him and my son George.. I am going to be a yummy mummy!!!Love
I have to say, my hubby is very supportive of CD/LL, even though he thinks its a Nuts diet and a bit drastic.
He is a bit sad about the possibility of me losing my belly cos according to him he loves it!
Last year while on LL, he cooked his own food and ate in a different room, just so that I wouldn't be upset/tempted.
But like all men, they can be a bit insensitive to needs of us girlies and say stupid Man things like "you look fine" etc.
But on the whole I think I'm one of the lucky ones (though I'd never say that to his face ;)
I'd explain to him how you really feel about your weight, and make him understand how much happier you'll be once you've lost.
Alternatively, tell him how much energy you'll have once you have lost the weight!!! ;) ;) ;) ;)
I hope my rambling helps....
Yvonnie xx
ps - what is DH ?


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My DH is Fab, Has been a rock, always there on my ups and downs, and I love him dearly even though he does my head in!!!

Powdered Journey hit the nail on the head with her post, keep talking, tell him you are doing it for you, and involve him, then if he is a fab partner he'll be there for you x