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What does......


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Lol - I get that too - sometimes annoys me...but....
He loves it - I'm the same weight now as when we were married 6 years ago and only a little heavier than my weight when we met.
He's really proud of me and very supportive. He's also def. more 'cuddly' (if you know what I mean - don't know how else to put it on a public forum!!!).
Mine's really proud. He has lost 2 1/2 stone himself as I have chnaged all our eating habbits - so is really pleased about that too!

He say's he loves me the same as he did before & that he'd love me what ever my shape/size, but as i'm happier in myself he is happier


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My hubby really does encourage me.

He said something really hateful when i was pregnant 8 years ago, even though he apologised as soon as he said it but i have never really forgotten it.

But he has made up for it and he is supportive.

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Mine calls me skinny and slim now! He says he loves me whatever size I am, Im just more boney now than before!
My husband and I were discussing this the other night. He's wonderful and always prods my hips and ribs and says ooo I feel bone. He's lying but it's nice. I said you're so used to me being enormous you may not love me when I'm slim. We agreed how ironic it would be if he were to leave once I got thin. Scary thing is though it does happen.:eek:

I wonder if people ask because they think our OH's might feel a bit left out. New you, new life sort of thing. I once had someone tell me I was lucky my marriage was solid. They said it was probably because my husband knew I wasn't going to run off with someone else being as fat as I am.:eek: I wasn't happy!!


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erm....mine hated it so had an affair with a woman who was the size I used to be and left me!


erm....mine hated it so had an affair with a woman who was the size I used to be and left me!
:eek: OMG! hope you kicked him in the nads :D

My hubby likes that i'm happy (was I really that miserable before I lost 4 1/2 stone) and is also enjoying the " cuddles ;)" we are sharing more now :D


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To be honest I am far healthier and happier now and it was probably for the best...he has gone from being 6ft 2 and 13 stone to nearly 18 stone!
I have been stones heavier and stones lighter than what i am now, and my husband has never changed what he says, he says he loves me for me and doesnt care what size i am, he has always been "cuddly" no matter my size, he is wonderful


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my H2B is really lovely and supportive but tells me he doesn't care if im big or small it's who i am he loves. bless him. he's lost 4 stone on SW so he knows all about it and cooks me lovely SW meals etc :)

i do ask him if he'll still love me when im slim! he says he loves me regardless of my weight.


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My husband doesn't care what size I am. Obviously if I got to 20st or 6st he would b concerned but within the parameters of the "norm" he's pretty comfortable with me whatever size I am. He did mention a few weeks ago that he likes it when I'm heavier, for obvious reasons (bouncy bum, big boobs, generally voluptuous lol) he says its very womanly. But I'm happier being more streamlined and slender, still curvy but "contained" curvy, not spilling out of everything :D

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