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What else have you tried?


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Cambridge Diet is a pretty radical way to lose weight and I imagine this is not the first attempt at dieting for most of us - certainly not for me. So what have you tried previously? How successful was it? Why did you decide CD was the plan for you?

I have tried Slimming World (lost about a stone, put it back on and more), Weight Watchers (lost two stone, put it back on and more), Lighter Life (lost 3 1/2 stone, put it all back on and another stone).

I am at the point of desperation because of wanting a baby. I went to my GP and asked for gastric band surgery (he refused because there is nothing wrong with me except for being overweight). I asked for xenical and reductil and he refused and said that they were horrible.

He suggested I try CD, so here I am. If this doesn't work I will be saving up for a gastric band privately.

I am hoping that like when I did LL, removing food from the equation will help. I also hope that unlike LL, I last longer than three months!
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Slimming down the aisle
Umm excuse me miss, if it doesn't work? It will work! Be positive! Then you can spend all that hard saved cash on gorgeous new clothes :D

I'm sure you'll last, you've got all of us for support too! We'll help beat your butt into gear when you need it :p


is gonna do it!!
All diets 'work', its just us that mess it all up!
Ive tried ww, found all the point counting a bit taxing, and its sloooow.
Rosemary conley is also good, will probably stick to that kind of thing when I get to goal.


Slimming down the aisle
Umm excuse me miss, if it doesn't work? It will work! Be positive! Then you can spend all that hard saved cash on gorgeous new clothes :D

I'm sure you'll last, you've got all of us for support too! We'll help beat your butt into gear when you need it :p


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Oh aye, I didn't word that very well. I realise they work but for one reason or another I haven't stuck at them. With WW and SW it was because it seemed like such a looooooooooong time until I got to goal - four years of dieting is not appealing. With LL at the end I self sabotaged and I really disliked the leader so I dreaded going every week. I wasn't keen on the group therapy either so I am hoping that this time without those things, and with my CDC who so far seems really nice, I will stick it out.


can see the end in sight!
i lost a stone on weight watchers, it was just too slow so decided to switch to CD instead. all diets work, i know i could have lost weight on any diet i chose (not as quickly though) as my head was in the right place.
It will work and you will succeed. You will. Believe in yourself because it is only you that can do this. no one can do it for you.

I personally haven't tried any other diets because I know I am the type of person who has all or nothing. SW and WW allows syns and point saving so you can have a bit of the naughty from time to time but for me that is fatal and I knew it wouldn't work,

I got to 15st 3lb and realised how big I was so I started walking 5 miles a day everyday for 6 weeks, I got down to 14st my lightest. Then I stopped and put it all back on and more, then, when I fianally plucked up the courage to call a cdc I was 16stone.

I had known about this diet for years but because I hadn't researched it properly I avoided it thinking it couldn't be safe until the day when I caught myself in the cinema toilet mirrors - that was when I knew I needed to be away from food so I researched the diet and it went from there.
Just wanted to say that you have done fantastically well with your first week weight loss x and I know we are on different threads and just wanted to say hang on in there as you will do it. I ve tried all the other diets.. including slimming pills and although my weight loss is slower than others on here its consistent with CD. We can do this x:D


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Hi Guru, well done on your first week's loss, fantastic. I had tried Weight Watchers many times but it took too long and had such a way to go I would give up. It was also too flexible for me with the fact that you could use your points on practicly anything that I found it very easy to cheat on it. CD works for me because it's quick. consistant and eliminates food for a while whilst my stomach shrinks and I retrain my brain.


Shut up Ethel
Well done on Week 1 Guru - bucketloads of motivation when you see how well it works, isn't it!

As for me I have done most things. Countless attempts at WW and SW. I used SW to get from 15 stone to 13.5 for my wedding and it took me a hell of a lot longer than five weeks (which is how long its taken to lose the same on CD!)

WW is slow and point counting is a hassle but more importantly I always felt I could 'cheat and make up for it later' - firstly by cheating one day then being 'good' the next and then by having what the hell I wanted and trying to make up for it next week. Just doesn't work for me - I'm such an all or nothing type of person.

I also did slimfast when at college (total waste of time) plus self-devised calorie counting/exercise plan, which worked, but so very slowly, and so very easy to fall off.

The only diet that ever 'worked' in that I consistently lost weight over a period of time was LL. I lost 4.5 stone in 4 months. The only reason it didn't 'work' was because I didn't work at maintenance when I finished. I also stopped too soon because I was bored of SS and wasn't allowed into maintenance at that point, so I gave in, learned nothing, and went back to old habits and old dress size.

With CD I think it works on two levels - it suits my all or nothing approach and I simply cannot 'cheat' because there's no way to make up for it later, and also the choice of plans means I am far less likely to just stop like a train running into a brick wall!
I must say I have been there and done that with all of the slimming companies out there, WW, SW, LL.
I was very successful with WW and lost over 4 1/2 stone but as its the mind that needs to change I did end up gaining it all back over the course of 2 years and an extra 2 stone.
I don't look at WW or SW as diets they basically are healthy living plans and basically teach us what and how much food we should be eating to sustain a healthy weight...I personally love the WW plan but as I have about 8 - 10 stone to lose...I was looking for the quick fix and thought abstinence and exercise was my best option. When and not if I lose the weight, I am going to...yes going to (not try to) follow the principals of the WW plan as I feel that this is healthy and balanced and what I need to maintain my weight loss.
I won't deprive myself..but, will promise to be good at least 80% of the time and try and allow myself only to be naughty 20% of the time and hopefully by maintaining a decent exercise regime I will not lose control and ever have to SS again....wishful thinking I know..but I plan on holding on to this belief once I see the glamorous new person that I become!!!
Wishing you all great success on your journey to GLAMOURDOM!!!!!!


Cambridge Consultant
I have done SW in the past lost 3 1/2 stone many many years ago.... Also ww........ I think they all work you head just has to be in the right place at the time you are doing them.
I also went to Paul Mckenna I can make you slim seminar that was great....... but nothing to fall back on after.....

Anyway got big again..... became desperate and CD is the way forward its quick...... and I needed something to happen straight away rather than take forever to lose...... and it definatley has worked for so many of us on here x

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