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What else??


On a mission for boobs!
I buy plain soya yogurt because i think greek yogurt is too bitter for my liking. But greek yogurt is fine, as long as you pay attention to the carbs - some brands have alot more than others.

Check out http://www.minimins.com/atkins-diet/171642-low-carb-no-carb-shopping-list.html and see if there is anything on there you could have.

Get some sugar free jelly too. Its my life saver if Im craving something sweet. Or make some low carb cheesecake (no base tho).

You'll be fine :)
Thanks for that, gonna have another 2 hour packaging reading shopping session tomorrow! I think a bit of yogurt or cheesecake will make me feel better, the meats all getting too much!! Will look for the recipe for a cheesecake, I suppose buying one and not eating the base isn't a option lol? Gonna have a little shop on lowcarb megastore too. Want some rye biscuits or something similar low carb! Hope your doing well :D


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I lovelovelove Josephs low carb/sugar free cookies....

You can get them on LCM or Avidlite.....choco peanut butter FTW!

I quite often go for the cheese cake option like, I just mix together double cream, full fat cream cheese, little bit vanilla essence and some splenda....delish!

Oh, and I eat that Total, greek yoghurt, 3 carbs per 100ml...plus a little splenda cos it is prety bitter stuff like...


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Oh can I relate to you LL2011! But I thought no yoghurt in phase 1 :confused:


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So happy to bring glad tidings - you can have cheesecake with the base! I experimented with linseed and developed a rough an' ready base.

Cheat's cheesecake


- 100g linseed, ground
- 75g butter, melted
- 3-4 tblsp no carb maple syrup

Mix together and push into ramekins or plastic dishes that you don't mind eating out of. Chill for several hours.


- 250g cream cheese (I used Tescos - 6 carbs the pack)
- 4 sachets splenda (max 4 carbs)
- 1 tsp vanilla essence

Mix and place on top of base. Chill - and then enjoy!

Very filling, and very scrumptious.

The whole recipe has 10.7 carbs - so divided by 4 gives you about 2 1/2 carbs per serving.

I've since added lime juice to one, and cocoa powder to another - very yummy! The only danger is trying not to eat them all :)


On a mission for boobs!
I've tried making a base with almond flour (dont like the taste of flax) but the texture is all wrong for me. I miss my digestive biscuits :(

Oh, and I always add some lemon juice to my cheesecake. I use 150ml double cream, whipped, 150g phili, 5 teaspoons splenda and a couple of splashes of lemon juice.

Damn, wish I had cream in the house now, quite fancy cheesecake!


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Me too, just can't be bothered to make any :)


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If you look on the recipe thread you will find my DHs recipe for cheesecake too. Base is almond flour and dried coconut to make it more biscuity
Thanks every1. Trying your recipe katie!! Tesco didn't have bloody almond flower tho so will have to do tomorrow if I want the base! Just brought some ryvita, 3.9 carbs a slice. Do you think it's ok if I count the carbs?


Clean green leafy machine
I got it from the Low Carb Megastore, ££ but lasts a long while.

And call me Susie :)
Susie thats just the question I wanted answered! hehehe! That cheesecake recipe sounds yummy!


This is really the time!
Things like cheesecake were my downfall. So I think even a low carb version would have me tempted to eat more than one portion in a day lol

Sounds good though!

Enjoy everyone :)

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