What foods for best weightloss...?How much fruit.


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Just read on one of the post to say a lot of fruit doesnt give you a good loss.How much fruit do you eat?

I can have two clementines an apple a banana,a couple of FF yogurts.

I reach for the fruit when Im hungry to stop me eating other stuff with syns.
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I tend to restrict bananas and yoghurt to one per day maximum - usually one every other day.

I always have a couple of satsumas or similar, plums, apple. Got some strawberries for a change today as they were half price - they are superfast I think the term is.

Try raw veg too perhaps? swede, carrot, cucunber, radish etc.


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You have to remember that what's posted on the boards is very often just opinion, rather than the official advice from Slimming world.

Also, what works for one person might be completely different for another.

I know some diets suggest you restrict your fruit intake, but this is SW and because of the way the plan works it's not necessary so long as you're sticking to the rules of the plan.

I personally find too many banana's can slow my losses, but that's just me, any other fruit doesn't have the same effect.


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omg i never thought about it, i have banana each day i love them


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I am the fruit monster. On an average day I will probably put away: 3-5 apples (depending on size), a couple of satsumas/clemintines, a banana, a kiwi, 1/2 a pineapple. Hungry days that could double! I like fruit much more than veg to snack on and so far have lost 4st 10lbs.


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I'm careful with bananas and grapes. I find that melon and strawberries (not at the same time) seem to speed my weightloss.


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Yep, same as other folk I've found bananas tend to slow down my weight loss so now I tend to save them for an after exercise treat as they are such a good energy boost.


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Yeah I stay away from bananas too. If I do have one its first thing in a morning before work as an energy boost. They have lots of sugar in them x


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I sometimes eat alot of fruit, I especially love pineapple and melon and can eat a whole one of each some days lol.
Usually though I tend to have a banana, satsuma & an apple and sometimes have a grapefruit a day too.
Yogurts I stick to 1 a day xxx


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Just to add, the likes of Melon (not watermelon), grapefruit, strawberries, blackberries etc. are superfast foods.