what gives you strength when ur down..


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Knowing that I will never go back to being the size I was.

Having lost this weight and seen the difference in me as a whole person I will never go back to being the overweight puffy and painkiller eating person I was.

Also knowing that if things take a dive a quick chat with my lovely consultant will sort me out.


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Instead of thinking of all the things you DON'T have.. try thinking of those that you DO have that so many people don't. Also at the end of everything... what's the worst that could happen?


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I remember all the good things in my life


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Iv been following Slimming World on and off for around 4 years. Iv kept off the weight iv lost when I stopped because I didnt revert to my old eating.
For me its how much more confident I feel.I'm feeling wonderful and i'm only half way to target


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A phone call to my sister - nothing like a good dose of perspective & a reality check when you're feeling sorry for yourself.


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As someone said above, always look on the bright side. I used to always be down and think the worst of every situation, I was always a what if person!!!!! In 2007 I have stage 1B1 cervical cancer after not going for a smear test for 12 years!!!! I was very lucky I went when I did as the only treatment I needed was surgery (Hysterectomy). Now I am a happy go lucky person and now think so what at everything in life. So honey keep your chin up and sod the world, just concentrate on making you happy don't worry about the rest!!! xxx


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A few things.. A very fast paced hard run in the gym whilst having a little cry..A cuddle from my boyfriend even when he doesn't know what's wrong... Phoning my mum just to tell her I love her.. When my brother (& my consultant) sends me fat photos of myself to show me how far I've come! Watching sex & the city and having some Girly time :)


Thankyou everyone, im lacking alot of the supports you have in your lives. I am so glad to see folk that are cared for...makes the heart smile.. :)


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For me it's spending time with family & friends, or if I am feeling a bit blue just taking some time out to appreciate what I have in life & trying to remember that on the bigger scale of things, I am very fortunate compared to a lot of people, and I need to stop sweating the small stuff! And then just trying to make plans for the future & booking up things to look forward to.


I get stuck in my own head a lot and sometimes I just have to tell myself off and remind myself that only I can do this. Sometimes it feels impossible but, although I've always been overweight, I haven't been this size and weight all my life so at some point I've had control and I just need to get that back.


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Thankyou everyone, im lacking alot of the supports you have in your lives. I am so glad to see folk that are cared for...makes the heart smile.. :)

I used to think I was lacking support, but then I realised I wasn't asking for it and wasn't seeking it. Now I turn to people when I need them, and I find those things that make me feel better, like zumba, hacking up a load of fruit to make a fruit salad or sticking on my ipod and dancing likes nobody is watching.

Life deals us all some bad cards at times, we can either play on with the cards we have or choose a different game!