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What happens if we cheat?


I really can't stand it anymore. Day 7 and I am starving mad. Being quite nasty towards hubby now cause lack of food is just driving me nuts. My stomach is constantly making these crunchy noises. Hate it!

What would happen if I were to have a small bread roll? I'm dying for one it's driving me insane!

Just one tiny bread roll and then I'll be back on the shakes.

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Stop... move away from the bread roll... stay on here with a large glass of water and the feeling will pass.

If you do - you will be out of ketosis, the loosing process will take longer, you will have to get back into ketosis - which can be difficult if you have broken the diet.

Once you have 'cheated' its really really really difficult to get back on track. Please don't do it.

If you do - you will feel bad - and the bread roll won't fill you up, and to be honest it won't even taste that good. and you will hate yourself !!

Please stay strong and stay on here.

Good luck. xxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Well its carbs and will instantly knock you out of ketosis!

And will start a long chain of.. oh just one of these wont hurt.. and one of these wont do any harm.. and before you know it you off the diet completely.

You really need to sit down and think.. is this diet what you really want? you know this is a TFR diet and you head really has to be in the right place for it other wise you will not suceed.

What is the point in spending so much money to keep knocking yourself out of ketosis, which is the state our bodies need be in to burn the most fat!

Think.. are you really hungry or do you just want to eat because it is what you are used to doing?

You really should be in ketosis now!

If losing weight is what you really want then i wish you all the best of luck in not cheating on this diet xx


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NO NO NO!! Don't do it. Lipotrim is a TOTAL food replacement. A bread roll will mess up your ketosis and make you more hungry, not less. Not only will a bread roll make you make hungry you will also feel bad about breaking your diet.
Think very carefully about why you chose Lipotrim. There are lots of diets where food is allowed (including some VLCDs) which might suit you better.

Good luck, and try to stay strong.

Oh I agree, please don't break it, I did that last year, and it took me months to start again, you have got to day 7, thats brill just have a lovely drink of water lol

you probably wouldnt loose any weight .. and all the hard work you have put in so far would be wasted :( You have done so well to get throught he first week .. I know how very hard it is .. but it will get easier very soon .. the first 10 days were hell .. but suddenly I am nearly on week 11 and I have no idea where the time went !!
and once you have 1 thing .. you will want another .. and its a slippery slope to failure :(

sorry to be so hard , I know how tough it is .. but you really dont want to ruin all the effort you have put in :(
stay strong . bread is all carbs so will ruin ketosis and refill your glycogen stores ...
Ditto as above. Please, please don't do it. I always find a nice big cup of black coffee with a couple of sweetners in helps to keep me strong. When do you get weighed? Stay strong hun. xx
do you think she's in the kitchen ???
Thank you all guys for your help. I definitely want to succeed on this diet and I especially chose LT to break my food addiction as I was eating/snacking all the time without even appreciating food anymore.

The thing is that I'm physically starving, I keep drinking tons of water but my stomach keeps rumbling and rumbling.

Anyway, I have not cheated yet and know I won't but these days are quite difficult. I'm lucky to have a great hubby who's keeping me away from the food.

Think it might go to bed really early tonight...

Thanks again guys, you're a great help!
Warm bath, candles, spoil yourself, early night is in order.

Stay with us honey .xxxxx



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Day 7 ............... and you want to cheat ? no come on dont do it , you have got this far , its just not worth it now , by day 7 i think the lil noises you may be hearing it all that water , just your belly adjusting , you may find ( i have this problem my self ) by day 5- 6 im not hungry , its all mind over matter , my brain is screaming at me that i have not ate , but when i take a step bk im not even hungry, you have done great to get this far , please dont give up now , the next week you may be feeling great , and as for hubby he will forgive you :)


on the up lol
lol my post was late YAY the joys of getting kids of to bed :p well done in changing ur mind :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
I am so pleased you havent given in yet, honestly...it is hard, but it is worth it.

This is my second time around and I have to admit even the first time I suffered from grumbly stomach most of the time! I know, most people dont, but I did. Sometimes it was just there, and I learnt to cope with it, other times I felt physically sick, but I usually had a sweet black coffee and it just took the edge off the hunger pains.

Even now, I am too on Day 7 I suffer from the grumbly stomach.....funnily enough not as bad, but I do feel hungry a lot of the time, BUT, I have chosen to do this diet...like Dunlop says, there are lots of other diets out there that allows you to eat food, but not LIPOTRIM.....unfortunately, LT rewards you with the effort you put in and following the rules 100% and unfortunately not 99%!

You will waken up tomorow and feel really proud that you didnt give in.

The bad moods......personally I think that is a way out. Reminds me when in my first week last time I tried to make my hubby's life miserable so that I could make the excuse to eat ;-)!!! Just dont let it take you over!

You obviously have the willpower to get this far, so why give in now!

Go and have a nice warm, bubbly bath, and take a glass of nice fizzy water with you..light some candles and just relax and pamper yourself!!

Take care
Off to bed with a good book now (currently reading the 3rd installment of Millenium). That will keep my mind off food.

Going to my very first WI in the morning. Will keep you posted.

Good night to ye guys and cheers again.

Look forward to your weigh in - it will keep you motivated for week 2.
Good luck for a great loss tomorrow


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Nat, well done on avoiding the temptation to eat. You are doing really well to have got your first week under your belt. Don't mess up all your hard work. Stay strong. You will have times when temptation is very strong but just reach for the water or go do something else o go to bed away from all temptation. You will succeed!!!!

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