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What is and where can I buy Scan Bran

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by trikeschick, 28 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. trikeschick

    trikeschick New Member


    Hoping someone can point me in right direction - keep seeing Slimming World recipies refer to Scan Bran but I've no idea what this is or where I can buy it. Can anyone help?
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  3. topsy

    topsy Full Member

    Good Morning - well Scan Bran is like a very branny riveta, quite thin and dark in colour. Some people either like them or hate them it's personal taste. You can buy them at your Slimming World meetings or on the Slimming World website. Hope that helps - but if i were you before you buy see if your team leader will let you taste one or if there is anyone in your group who will - they are a taste all of there own!!!!!
  4. denise_2009

    denise_2009 Full Member

    i got some yesterday in my local health shop £1.19
  5. Jeg57

    Jeg57 Full Member

    Holland and Barretts in Brum sell them
  6. loislaine

    loislaine Full Member

    hi there, our slimming class sell them but they do hav them in hollandand barratts xx

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