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What is easy extra

Hi everyone
Im not doing slimmers world but my hubby is but of course i am in control of what he is eating as im cooking lol.Now my hubby went along to sw with his sister in law and brother but he just ran in got weighed and pretented he knew what they were talking about as he felt ashamed,but its me sorting his diet out as im on weight watchers i know alot more bout diets than him but now im confussed bout easy extra would anyone run it by me :) if thay have the time,sorry if its on the boards already but im just getting used to the site and still finding my way around.

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Hi, if you don't know the plan then explaining Extra Easy on here would be very confusing and you could get it wrong. It's best to go back to the class and ask the consultant to go through it with you. Do you fully understand the red and green plans? It is basically those combined with one less HE A and HE B and you can only snack on superfree foods.

Is there any reason why you and hubby are following different plans? I'm sure it will be much easier if you were both doing the same one x


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Your hubby really does need to listen to the new members' talk with his consultant at the next class as he hasn't a hope of understanding the plan properly otherwise!
Thanks to both reply's the reason im on ww is ive stopped smoking for the last 7 wks and i have done ww before and liked it as i can have my treats,aswell as being able to work out the points while im out and about,my hubby is a bigger eater than me and is not a big sweet person but does like big food portions so slimming world suits him....looks like il have to change to slimming world to understand it more x


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If you can do WW you will find SW much easier! I was thinking also about the ease of cooking a meal for 2 people if you are following different plans. There is nothing better than having a nice filling cottage pie without having to count any of it for instance! The freedom of SW allows you to have your treats but whatever your appetite, you need never go hungry. SW is also cheaper! It will all make more sense when you have had it properly explained by the SWC
I think i have no choice i must admit sw is starting to sway me to becoming a member after what ive been cooking ,i have used everything up in freezer and cupboards where as when im doing ww i feel i am never out the shops buying stuff daily think i will join tomorrow x
Another one over to the dark side!!! Lol. You will definitely find this one easier, especially when cooking for yourself and Hubby.
Good luck!
If you still want to know how exra easy works, ther is baisically 3 simple rules.
1) if it is free on red or green then its free on ee
2)you can have one 1 health A and one healthy B (Be sure to measure)
3) if it had syns always take the lower syn value ( 3 on red 12 on green then its 3)

Be very carefull to measure everything.

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