What is the (or are) the food(s) that.......


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...others in your household eat that make you crave that of similar items

its a difficult time at the moment with Covid-19 about so lets get communicating with each other
its seems the board is quiet at the moment but with many of us stuck at home I did think its the time some of us need more help to get past the household and their very dodgy eating habbits

I will start
My husband buys multi bags of crisps, now that is fine with me, what isnt is when he says fancy a bag of salt and vinegar (my fovourite his hated flavour)
at the moment we have 12 packs of salt and vinegar that will go to the food bank on the next shopping trip

so moan away and what can you do about it. All of these things will help others.
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Miss Scarlett Blue

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Crisps I’m ok with - he tends to like different ones and I always make sure I have some quavers in so that if I really want to join him with some crisps they’re less than 90 calories and only 4 1/2 syns.

I think bread based products are my downfall and hard to resist. I tend to use my HEX-B for my porridge so any bread I have needs to be synned. Particularly hard when he turns up home with a fresh baked tiger bread. Mind you this quarantine has helped with that.

he has a cupboard with all his treats - I can’t reach as it’s a high shelf, so that’s ok and I know he has a stash in his man cave - shortbread, wine gums and snickers bars - that doesn’t bother me either.