what is Physllium Husks?

sorry about my ignorence, but what is Physllium husks? does it contain any calories or carbs? Does it prevent ketosis?

How does it work? Is it only for constipation, or is it a diet aid?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

psyllium husk are "an ideal source of fibre for those that have an intollerance to wheat. psyllium husks are tottally natural & safe"
they have no cals no carbs & no fat in them.
they will not bring you out of ketosis & are brill at thickening your shakes & soups, just remember to drink extra water & it helps with the number 2's problem
hope this of help
Here's a link that'll give some more info: I couldn't have done this diet without PH


Most of us don't take them the way they suggest but add them to our food packs to make porrige or thick soup. Just shout if you need to know how to make it.

If you can't stand the thought of that, Holland and Barrett do PH in capsule form. :)