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What is right???

Are you supposed to be able to eat as much as you like or are there limits?? is free food really free or is it quantified?? does slimming world need to re-programme free food??
I have read several posts lately and some of them state that people are eating too much free food?? surely the point is, is that you eat until you no longer feel full and don't completely stuff yourself? :confused:
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I think you're supposed to take the 'unlimited' free food at your own discretion; the free food is supposed to ensure that you never feel hungry, but I think it's much better to fill up on as much superfree food (the food that actually help speed up your weightloss), followed by free foods, then finally synned foods.

I think aslong as you're not going mental though, that you should be able to eat more than enough free food to fill you up!
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Everything in moderation is the way I see it. I think that superfree foods are vital - the plan is based on satiety and fruit and vegetables fill you up without all the calories.


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Free food, as in Veggies, meat and Fruit on EE (more then 1/3 plate on EE) and Red is as much as you want, as I would count it. But I go a bit easy on the free pasta, rice and pulses on EE.. Just because it bloats me out really. But you'll find your own limits with foods and once you try a plan you'll decide whether to mix the days with Green/Red/EE or just stay on one plan.


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Thanks for this, I too have read posts that go on about portion control and if i'm really honest they have nearly made me quit!!!

I have been losing and some days stuffed my face with super free and free of course but always have a loss! I think the whole portion control thing scares me and lately i have been finding the amusement of being able to eat without portion control is going and I am eating less x :D
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It's a difficult one but I do agree that to look at alot of posts here would put some people off the plan. If you don't believe you can control portion size then the thought that you HAVE to on SW would turn people away. It's said too often imo. When you go to class portion control isn't pushed, in fact it's hardly mentioned but on the web it's everywhere.

Of course there will always be people (me!) who can take the free food thing too far but the majority of people wouldn't eat til they felt sick so exercise portion control without thinking about it. If they then read they need to be careful it makes them eat less than they would have done which would have been an acceptable amount in the first place, if that makes sense.:p If you know that you will always push the limits (like I often do) then it's a good thing to try and limit portions but if you only eat til you're full, not til you're ready to burst then trust yourself that you're are eating a decent portion.

I am at the far off end of the group here which means I can probably get away with it more easily than those with not a lot to lose but the principles are the same. I don't believe free food needs to be relabelled, I think everyone will lose weight if they eat 3 substantial free food meals a day and snack on yogurts for example. The weight loss may be a bit better with fruit and veg as snacks and certainly more healthy but it's free food for a reason whether we personally agree with it or not.

Sorry, rambled yet again. Anyone else want my soap box?:p
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Well, I agree with Laura - in fact I posted on this subject in another thread...

But, I've just sat here and ate a whole punnet of grapes... LMAO - not much portion control there!!
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I take it that free food is free food! People in my group who are at target tell me that for that last push to their goal they have had to look at their portion sizes so I think it is something I will need to address later on but while I'm losing I eat as much free food as I like.

I think that if you make portion size an issue early on, you risk going hungry and then going on a syn binge or giving up altogether.

Saying that, if I want to give my weight loss a boost I cut down on rice and pasta, increase my fruit and veg and only eat when I'm hungry.
Some weeks I just wanna eat everything in sight and I've eaten packets and packets of pasta knowing that I'd be happier with a maintain or small loss that week rather than eat lots of chocolate and have a big gain!


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Free foods are bulk foods, low in calories that should fill you up, however, you still have to burn those calories off to lose weight, if you eat more calories than you burn then you will not lose weight and might even put it on.


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I think a lot of it boils down to common sense! I found it took a lot of practice to recognise when I was comfortably full because I'm not sure I ever had that feeling before!!! If we really could eat unlimited free foods without using our heads a little bit we could easily run into trouble! Some of the pasta in sauce packets are about 400 cals each, and if we chose to have 2 of these at a sitting (some people have a big enough appetite) we would be setting ourselves up for disaster!! So whilst the beauty of SW is that we don't have to count everything and boring stuff like that, it's handy to have some idea of what things contain and make sure we bulk up on less calorific/higher volume foods like our fruit & veg to satisfy us!X


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I agree its all confusing at times.

i only went to one class and never went back i didnt feel comfortable, so i got the books and im going alone with help from this wonderful board.

the night i went to class the consultant told me to eat as much as i wanted! if i fancy eating 2 whole chickens, then i should do so!!!!!!

so whilst i relise that i would be a utter piglet to do that she said it was ok???

i dont eat 2 whole chickens however(just the odd whole cauliflower..fluff..fluff) and i eat till im just satisfied and not stuffed.

its obviously working as i have lost over 3 stone now, But i agree its all kinda confusing esp to newbies.sensible portion control is the way to go.
I think that if you make portion size an issue early on, you risk going hungry and then going on a syn binge or giving up altogether.

Saying that, if I want to give my weight loss a boost I cut down on rice and pasta, increase my fruit and veg and only eat when I'm hungry.
Thats what I think too!!
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I think portion control starts to matter once you're well within the 'healthy' BMI range and are losing for cosmetic reasons rather than purely health, i.e. your body may well feel in a state of equilibrium.
For fatties like me it's clearly OK, since I am losing slowly but surely!!! :)

I also agree with Determined Bunny in that the novelty of being able to eat larger-than-pre-SW portions will (hopefully) wear off and so intake will gradually decrease. Fingers crossed ;) :)

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