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What is strictly ss-ing?

Been looking around the mimimins website, mostly to decide what life after LT will be and I came across the strictly ss-ing section. Im so intregued especially as the whole forum is private and no food is allowed to be mentioned! Is it some sort of cult?!

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strictly ss-ing forum is for members who are on total food replacement diets and want to go somewhere to get away from food or the mention of food...it is a private forum and you have to ask one of the moderators in charge of it to gain access. It is open to all members who are on the different total food replacement diets.

SSing stands for Sole Source most commonly used by Cambridge dieters.

Strictly SS Forum

This forum is for people who are doing SS only without any additions. Any food should be discussed in alternative forums.

The Sole Source Programme comprises:

* 3 or 4 servings of sachet/bar/tetras according to your programme
* Allowable fluids

In signing up to this forum, you commit to zero mention of food. No ifs, ands or buts - this is your Sanctuary from any mention of food!!

To join, you need to have at least 50 posts, be following Strictly SS and click here Contact DQ

Once you have requested access, you should be wait a couple of days and then check whether you can see the new forum or not - it's not always possible to private message back to confirm access has been given.Please note any mention of food may lead to your expulsion from this Food Free Sanctuary.
Ahhh ok, was much more exciting when I thought it was something sinister!

Are there many members? I wonder how they get thro everyday life without anyone mentioning food? Much too hard for me - I would have food tourettes and start calling people cherry pie or asking if they had a chip on their shoulder heehee xx


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It is pretty quiet in there just now...it goes up and down.

The busiest times seems to be from Easter on when members are determined to get into their bikini and feel they need to keep focused.

I would have food tourettes and start calling people cherry pie or asking if they had a chip on their shoulder heehee

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