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What is SW like?


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It's do-able if you are committed to the plan, follow it properly and willing to make permanent lifestlye changes. I lost 7 stone in 11 months, was never hungry and if anything ate more on SW than before, only it was high quality nutritional food rather than empty calories.

No foods are off limit, there is minimal weighing and measuring, the plan is flexible and fits with 'normal' life and other family members.

And can you do it? The only person who can answer that is you I'm afraid but you'll never find out if you don't give it a bash!

Good luck!
I found the old WW free choice (name??) ie. The one with all the free foods and 21points each week.

As far as I know there are 2 interchangeable SW days that each have a list of free foods? And you also have 5-15 syns a day.. Can you save these up and have like a max of 105 syns one day aweek... I wouldn't do that thought because that seems awfully silly..?!


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Can you do this?? Well that's something only you can answer!

Both Slimming World and Weight Watchers are low fat diets. They both work if you stick to them. I would say Slimming World is easier to stick to for longer but Weight Watchers is a more simple plan.

A healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week so 5 stone would be possible in a year if you put 100% into it.

Weight is usually about emotional issues as well i.e. comforting eating. To help with weight loss it helps to take time to think about why you overeat, comfort eat, eat the wrong things, are inactive etc etc. If you only focus on the diet there is less chance you'll keep the weight off because you haven't worked out why you had a weight problem in the first place.

Whatever you decide, good luck and keep talking to the people on here as they are supportive and understanding.


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Can it be done - yes - certainly...

CAn you do it? I don't know - can you?

This is a healthy eating plan, it's here to teach you good habits. But no promises of a quick fix - as much as many of us would like it to be.

However - if you're prepared to work for it - there's no reason why you can't achieve your goals, and even if you don't make them - you'll have made a good dent in the progress towards getting there.

Does it work - oh hell yeah... (or so says the 14.5st i've lost in the last 19months).



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I suggest you go to a group to get full and comprehensive guidance on the plan. Stick to it 100% for a month and chances are you'll be a SW evangelist like the rest of us :D
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I suggest you go to a group to get full and comprehensive guidance on the plan. Stick to it 100% for a month and chances are you'll be a SW evangelist like the rest of us :D

I entirely agree - Amen!! You do need to give it 100%. If you don't give it 100% then you will say "Oh it doesn't work" and give up. If you do it 100% then you will say "WOW! It really works and works good". This forum is brilliant for ideas and motivation. The difference between this and WW is that WW is a calorie controlled plan whereas SW is based on eat as much as you want.


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I agree, we're all doing it, if you are committed determined, SW is for you.

I second joining a class just for the discipline of being weighed every week. I have dieted with WW over the years but once you get your head aroun SW it is a lot easier and more convenient with regards family meals etc.

Good luck and these boards are great, the SWers here are such a welcoming group, donna x
Can't get to a group because there's none near me (in Ireland) so I was thinking of getting books on eBay and coming on here? I thought there would be a "slim at home" pack or something but I can't find one on the SW site? BodyOptimise seems pricey?

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