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what is the Cambridge Diet?

hi its a total food replacement diet (TFR) where u substitute ur three meals with either a shake (most popular) ready made carton drinks or a cambridge bar. the are all around the 130 cal mark and this is all you are allowed to eat each day. they contain everything u need vitamin wise so its safe. you also have to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. thats the basics of it i guess.....


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Hi Carly,

Cambridge diet is a food replacement diet where instead of having food you have low calorie shakes, tetras and bars.

As you move up the plans you can introduce foods like protein and non starchy veggies as Tracy as just mentioned.

Here is a link to the brochure where you can read more about it.


Love Mini xxx


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Yep, it's basically the same I'm in the process of swapping from W8 to CD basically because it's slightly cheaper and there are more counsellors around! and I need one!!!!
well this is my 1st week on the w8 diet i started Monday night and by Friday when I went for a mid week weigh in id lost 7lb but now I feel like a haven’t lost anymore since Friday. and don’t want to feel disappointed if I don’t loose more that 7lb even though I no that is a real good weight loss in only 1 week. do I sound silly? Feeling like that? x


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No, you don't sound silly at all :) I kind of understand your worries about this. That's why it'd be good to measure your tummy, arms etc too so you can see you're losing inches if not pounds. Hope this reassures you a bit.. not 100% sure if it's what you asked though, sorry if it isn't.

Best of luck xxx


Serena's title didn't fit
I'm sure it'll make you feel more confident about your efforts! :) I remember feeling down because I didn't lose weight so I can really understand how you feel!

Read the inches and enjoy ;-)


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