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What is the difference between the slimfast diet and the cambridge diet?

CD is a total meal replacement programme.
Slim fast is used to replace 2 meals a day not 3 the nutrition is not sufficient.

The other difference is the price slimfast is alot cheeper that cd and you dont have to be weighed every week.
CD is also intended to put you into ketosis - like you would be on Atkins. This helps to burn fat faster. I doubt that SlimFast would do this, because it probably contains too many carbs.

Anyhow, SlimFast really isn't designed to replace all your meals, you need to get vitamins from real food, so it really is best not to replace all meals with it. If you really need to do that, then you should go for CD or Lighter Life.
I don't really know enough about cambridge, but I'd say probably, as long as you still have one balanced meal a day. Just check the calories on the cambridge shakes to make sure they aren't too much over 200.

So you could have Cambridge for breakfast, SF for lunch, proper meal for dinner. You won't be in ketosis though, so you may be a bit more hungry than if you're doing proper Cambridge.

But I don't know any of this for sure, I'm just making educated guesses.
The difference is Slim Fast is available in most supermarkets and shops and is only meant to replace 2 meals a day. Cambridge is only available from specially trained professionals and can replace 1 to 4 meals per day.

Please don't risk your health taking advice from people who have never tried what you are asking and are just throwing out ideas. If you want to know why Slim Fast isn't recommended to be used as a TFR contact Slim Fast and ask them directly, at least then you'll get an educated answer.
OK, I get that that was a dig at me, and I'm sorry if I said something that I shouldn't have. I'll shut up now. :(
OK, I get that that was a dig at me, and I'm sorry if I said something that I shouldn't have. I'll shut up now. :(
I promise that was not a dig at you... there are so many people that ask this same question and so many people who reply with ideas ...I'll admit I've replied to similar posts with similar suggestions as yours in the past. But we don't know what danger we could be putting the OP in by suggesting they mix up diets or do diets their own way. If I was having a dig at anyone it was the person who's willing to take suggestions and risk their health

I'm sorry I made you feel like I was having a pop at you x :eek:
i am also sorry if you thought we were digging at you. we are all on here to find out answers to our questions and we can only reply to what we think we know and give advice from a personal view. no one is having a pop at you. we all need answers and support. dieting isnt easy. and different views and opinions are always welcome. :grouphugg:
No worries - I'm sorry.
I thought about it after I posted, and realised I was probably being a bit oversensitive and touchy. :)


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Can you mix slim fast shakes with cambridge diet shakes? I have both left over.
It's best to keep to one diet or tother. A slimfast meal replacement certainly wouldn't be safe if doing Cambridge as it doesn't have enough nutrients.

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