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What is wrong with me???


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hi All.....

I still cannot get back on track........

I was supposed to start back on with renewed determination last tues...but here I am today and I am still picking at chocs and eating crap!!

All day during the day I am really good, then it comes to the evening and the Quality Street get me every time!!

I then read things like about the Helmans extra light mayo, and I think what a fab diet this is, and I wonder why I have had to keep cheating!

I was really enjoying points and WW before xmas, now I just cannot get back into the saddle....

What can I do, any ideas??

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:( aw you poor thing - damn Christmas!! It makes us all abit frivilous with our diet!! - ok best bit of advice I can give - THROW AWAY THE QUALITY STREET - seriously - put them in the bin now - I overindulged with a tin of roses over the Christmas and cos they were there I kept eating them - I got up one day and emptied the whole lot into the fire.

Take away the temptations, remind yourself again your reasons for wanting to loose the weight (write them down if you have to), dig out the (in your opinion) worst possible photo of yourself and stick it on the fridge and (I ALWAYS find it gives me that added bit of motivation) go have a look at the success stories and pics on this website - looking at how fabulous the people did always makes me want to do it too.

and someone said it earlier on a different thread (cant remember who!) think of it this way - this time next year do you want to be 52lbs lighter by counting your points(at least!! - thats loosing ONE pound every single week for the next year) or do you want to be the same (or more) weight as you are now??
I hope your ok pet!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thank you for your reply Nikki, It is so true, I do need to jump back on and stop cheating every night! It is ridiculous counting points all day only to stuff my face with junk in the evening...and it has to stop, there is no reason or need for it to continue....thank you for your pep talk...you have done amazingly well by the way....inspiration to us all...thanks again...tomorrow will be the first day of new continued success.....
I definitely agree with Nikki on throwing away the chocs (and anything else you have in the house that's 'naughty'!). If I had a tin on Quality Street in my house, I can say 100% that there is NO WAY I would be sticking to my diet!!!! The only reason I'm sticking to it (so far) is that there are no 'naughties' in my house at all - just low point foods! I used to buy chocs and crisps etc for OH and my little girl, but I've even stopped getting those and they're having fruit and cereal bars instead! Sounds a bit mean I know, lol, but if it's the only way to stop me from blowing my diet then that's all that matters, and them eating more fruit and less chocolate can't be bad for them either, so it's a win win!!

So, get rid of those chocs and start a fresh tomorrow ;)


is gonna shine in 2009
when i went to my meeting last weds the leader told us kick start programme for for exactly these reasons you said, the getting you out of the picking at crap habit that happens at xmas. She said if we didn't nip it in the bud we would stillbe picking come april. I've done kick start this weekand insted of the 25pts i should have had i have hd the 22pts the say to kick start ( 18pts if under 14st ) and cos i've had to be mor careful its stopped the night time picking xx
aw Thinlizzy - its not ridiculous pet (counting all day and going crazy at night) - I am a disaster for stuffing my face at night! it has always been my downfall - enjoy nothing more than snacking while watching tv at night so, I eat the bare minimum during the day (it helps since im so busy all the time!!) and then have majority of points to enjoy at night.. would this be feasible?? I basically eat enough to sustain myself during the day
Hi sweetie

Like everyone else I agree that you should get rid of all temptation in the house. Then its a new start with no crap to sway you.

Im aiming for just 1lb a week ... why don't you try that??? At least then by xmas next year there will be a good 52lbs less of us!


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