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  1. NewLife4Me

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    I posted a thread this week saying that for 2 days in a row, I felt really sick after having my choc mint shake! This never happened to me before. I tried changing the flavour to choc this morning, but it made no difference......what's gone wrong????

    I need to make the shake and drink it before I go to work cos there are no facilities at work to mix a shake.

    Can anybody relate to this or is just me finding this?? I soooooooooo want to continue on SS, and up until now I had no probs with the choc mint and choc shakes, they were my favourite!.

    Please, Please, if anybody else encountered this sick feeling and if they got over it...let me know!

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  3. JodieJoJo

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    One thing that i have found is that my taste changes dramatically from day to day on this diet. I absolutely loved the caramel bars and then, suddenly, one day i couldnt bear them. The same with the soups, loved them and then one day i was eating a mushroom soup and i was nearly sick! Its strange but i think your taste just changes. Time to try some new flavours!
  4. Hedgemag

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    Try splitting the packs in two...and drinking a glass of water before and a glass after and see if that helps.
    I know our tastes do change but luckily for me I like all the shakes and bars and most of the soups.

    Hope it works for you hun xx
  5. susandan

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    Hi, sorry to read about your problem, you say there is no facilities to make your shake at work, is there facilities to make tea or coffee? If so, why no split the packs in two and make them up as a hot drink at work, this is what I do, I know you can't get a smooth consistency and it's a bit lumpy, but I quite like the lumps (strange I know), ads abit of texture to the drink and I enjoy em that way..lol!
    Maybe try another flavour like it has already been suggested, my fave at work and at home on these cold days is the vanilla shake with a teaspoon off coffee made into a sort of latte...lumpy one that is...it's lovely, try it!

    good luck..susan
  6. SoonToBeGorgeous

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    Do remember that you need to drink the shake within 15 minutes of mixing it with water as the nutrients are affected if you leave it longer.

    What about taking tetras to work?

    The Chocolate Velvet tetras are particularly yummy!

    I bought a shaker from ebay which works really well - I take it when I am away from home - that might be worth a thought.
  7. shelbell

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    LL used to do a shaker thing, so you could mix shakes easier. Maybe see if you can find one online somewhere?

    Just a wild out there thought, any chance its morning sickness?
  8. NewLife4Me

    NewLife4Me Full Member

    Morning sickness not a chance! :)
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