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What item of clothing have you always wanted to wear?


Want to be a yummy mummy!
There must be a certain item of clothing that you long to get into, or you see someone wearing something and you think....when I get slim Im gonna wear that....

For me its shorts and short skirts when my legs slim down - my top half is ok but I have bought some gorgeous ugg boots and i want to wear them with a little denim skirt in the summer!:party0048:
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Staying on plan!
tight white jeans!
they only look good on slim people!


2nd Time Lucky!
Theres a few for me :D
Knee high boots
Skinny jeans
Short skirts


Staying on plan!
oh yeah... totally forget the knee high boots.
They're even on my mini goals list lol


Finally...Life begins
Just a pair of nice fitted jeans, and a tshirt that sits above the belt not half way down my thighs. where i can bend over and you can see my back or tummy and not be ashamed!!


Gold Member
I always wanted to wear a strappy vest top, with no bra! Unfortunately, if I did this now, I would trip over my bazookas!
All of the above and a bikini ! Don't know if it will ever happen but even a swimsuit and not feel like a beached whale would be good!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Love it Gaynor!!!!

I would actually love to wear some sexy underwear and have a flatter stomach and not feel like my hip fat is sticking out and the knickers are digging in me!

I have this gorgeous basque thingy from M&S whch i have never worn as its one of those ridiculous ones that goes down at the front and up at the sides u know?

Hmm thats got me thinking about my bf coming home!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Of course it counts! Its what you feel good in! Bike leathers can be sexy!!
deffo ugg boots, got a pair sitting on top of my wardrobe which are patiently waiting for my chunky calves to slim down...
my oh bought them for me as an incentive bless.
also id love a short ruffly skirt with cowboy boots! yee haw...
oh and look good in bikini in july, i always wear one (even at biggest yikes...) but never felt 100% in them.
heres to july!


Skinny minny to be!!
Fit nicely into size 12 jeans. Im wearing 14s which are loose ... there is such a huge diff between a 12 and a 14, in comparison to a 14 and 16.

I would love love love to fit into a pair of miss sixty jeans but they really dont suit people that actually have an ass!

Size 12 jeans! Only 8lbs to go until I reach my final goal and hopefully they'll fit then!

Ooo but i tried on a pair of Rock Republic jeans (310euro) in a size 30 and they fit perfectly. I think when I reach my final goal I'll splash out on a pair of these as my treat.... I'll deserve it!
Skinny leg jeans, Oh and a nice strapless dress that doesn't look like a tent for the races lol


Full Member
Im definetly going down the same route as my sis, miss jelly belly. I was with her when she tried on the R&R jeans and they looked fab. I wouldnt dare try them on now as I would be sure to fall into a deep state of depresion.


Skinny minny to be!!
Adine ... I'll be with you the day you buy your pair of R&R jeans!


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