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What ive learned today


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Today me and my family went to a safari park and had a brilliant time. I made them a picnic and i had my tetra. Usually i would have eaten the picnic too, but for some reason i did not miss out on anything just beacuse i didnt eat the picnic. I had a great time....and without food. In the past i have 'assumed' that having a good time also means having good food.

You what 'assume' really means.."makes an 'ass' out of 'you' and 'me" and i felt an ass today for having past feelings that food makes the world go round.
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I know exactly what you mean :) I've realised that too this week! I can't believe a good time for me was almost categorised by having something nice to eat too.
I don't need it. I hope I never forget that after this diet.
I'm glad you had a lovely time and didn't feel pressure to cave in :)
It's great when you have one of those moments of realisation!
I think this shows you are really working hard and making the changes necessary to suceed...
So much of my life used to revolve around food... and it takes moments like this that make you realise that actually life has so much more to give us!



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Glad you had a good day out and it is a great watershed to appreciate that a good time doesn't have to equal food.


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Sounds like you had a great day.. and you are so right.. and I was exactly the same as you.. and yes you can still have a good time by not eating the food.. I always feel good not having it and so much better knowing that Im on the way to being slim.
Well done you thats fab x


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Well done! It's hard but worth it I think :)

Out of sheer curiousity, which safari park did you go to?


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I had a similar experience this weekend. My friends and I were away in a cottage. One of my pals is a brilliant cook and she was whipping up carbonara and garlic bread. The smells were driving me crazy. But I lasted all weekend on my food packs and still had a brilliant time. I'm starting to realise that I never enjoyed food properly before. But when I get to the end of this I will. I want to cook healthy meals and enjoy every mouthful. I think my days of binging are over.


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I had a similar experience recently. Did you go to Knowsley? I went there with my boyf and had a tetra in the car while he tucked into something much more tasty. Funny thing was, it felt like I was drinking it for the sake of it. Were you the same?
Well done anyway, CD can give you an amazing sense of control. Also, it you like the tetras, try freezing them - they taste just like ice cream one they have defrosted a little. x

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