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What keeps you going?


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I have been wondering..

What spurs you all on?... What keeps you doing this? What made you all start your journey in the first place?

I want to change my life.. I have some life changing moments coming up and thought well in for a penny in for a pound. I gave up smoking oh wow well over a year and half ago .. just stopped one day and never touched one since.. just wish it was that easy with food lol...

I want to be able to get back into my clothes that I used to wear too... I think also I want to buy myself something nice to wear this Christmas lol
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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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I just want to be the real 'me' again.
I am happier thin, I'm more in control, I love life & the way I feel.
I enjoy the way I get noticed when I'm thin, I hold my head up & don't pretend I haven't seen someone I know.

I am depressed & very uncomfortable when I'm fat, I hate myself when I'm fat.

I want to look & feel good in my clothes, I want my kids to be proud of me.

These are the things that spur me on & looking good on the beach in a bikini!!!


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Wow treats you obviously have some will power then, to give up smoking is fantastic, wish i could do it. I'm sure you will do as well with your weight loss.

I keep imagining myself slim, what i'll wear, all the shopping i can do for new stuff! I was looking at the inspiration pics last night on here and wow that helps me keep going.


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I know it's childish but the numbers going in my SW book and the stickers keep me going! I also feel much healthier and less ashamed of myself the more I lose. I want to be 'normal' again!


Is so very nearly there!
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Im getting married in 16mths and I dont want to be a big bride - thats all....

Its taken that to spur me on tho - I wanted to but had no goal - now booked wedding - I summat to aim for :)

Its changed my life already - being able to play with kids more etc etc! xxx


i love minimins me :)
I am sick of being fat and it makes me depressed, and i am the only one who can change that

and I also dont want to be a fat bride, I am gettin married in 19months so hoping to be at target by may which gives me a year to find my dress :)



Slimming for my children
I have dieted all my life. Well since 15. Mum put me on weight watchers when i was 15 and 10 stone and made me get down to 8 stone and I looked TINY and was still only a size 12.
I have always had a battle with my weight. The first time I ever knew I was fat was when I was about 12 or 13 and my mum and my best friends mum were drunk and they weighed themselves and then weighed me and my best friend. I weighed something like 8 stone and she weighed 4 stone (she was a stick) and both mums were laughing so hard its stuck in my mind since that I am fat.
I was bulemic as my father would taunt me with food that my mum put on the table for me saying I was too fat to eat this or that or if i loose weight i wouldnt be so ugly so to please both parents I would go and sick it up after wards until mum caught me (i dont sick up quietly lol) and I wasnt allowed to get down from the table for half an hour after my food after that!

SO roll on now. I am getting married to the most amazing man in just over 10 months now. I know he loves me as I am but I dont love me as I am and so thats why I am doing it. I want to love my body and be proud of myself and my achievements and see me for who he sees me as.

What spurs me on is seeing the scales go down and also the proud look in H2b's face when I come home and tell him I have lost, even hte encouraging talk and telling me why i have put on when I have.

Sorry for long post very reflective at the moment.
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Just follow the plan
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What keeps me going is thinking about all the lovely clothes I can wear when I'm slim. I was morbidly obese when I started, probably just a matter of time before I had any medical problems due to my weight. Every time I'm tempted to eat I think about all of the above and try to distract myself. I have a long long way to go so I think once I've lost 3 or 4 stone the feeling might wear off because I'll look and feel so different but its working for now :)


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It feels like I have fighting with my weight most of my life but when I look back at pics of me when i thought I was huge I'd give my right arm to look like that now.

It's really piled on since I got married, my heaviest being over 17st.. managed to stay just under 16 since but still need to loose about 4 st.

I hate being overweight, I am inhibited in everything I do and hate being controlled by food.

I keep going because I like the feeling that I am controlling it for a change and once I start to feel the difference I don't want to go back.... ever.

Also want to loose weight for my son, so I can hold my head up when I take him to school and not want to hide with shame.

Force Ten

Serial Dieter
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I know if I lose weight my knees will be a lot better and I won't need a knee replacement quite so soon. It will also help a couple of other medical problems I have. I gave up smoking in 1999 and piled on all the excess weight after that. I need to control my eating - where I used to have a cigarette, I started having a kitkat or something sweet instead - this is a habit I have to try and break!!
All in this post

Wow and thank you for answering what spurs you on....

I am so impressed by you all and saddened as I also see me in parts of you all.

I think I will put my answer in my blog as it is rather long... see you there maybe lol

But if not then... again thank you and you can all do it!!!



rainbows holiday buddy :)
i'm mainly losing weight so i can get pregnant and not be bed bound 5 months into it!

i also want to feel more confident and for my partner to find me more physically attractive... i know i would find him less attractive if his stomach hung over his genitals!
i'm mainly losing weight so i can get pregnant and not be bed bound 5 months into it!

i also want to feel more confident and for my partner to find me more physically attractive... i know i would find him less attractive if his stomach hung over his genitals!
Haha now that is funny......:rotflmao:... that is what I like.. a sense of humour!
Knowing how horrible I felt at my heaviest (16 1/2 stone) and never wanting to feel like that again; sweating all the time and out of breath. And I know it's an old trick but I do keep an old photo on the fridge!!

Not wanting my son to have an unhealthy Mum.

I like the feeling as I'm losing more weight of not feeling horrified when i pass a mirror :D


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Haha now that is funny......:rotflmao:... that is what I like.. a sense of humour!
i've been told i have a way with words, but i am also deadly serious! :D
Well ladies and gents ....

I will say that we all have our own reasons.. and each one has its own merit and I am sure that each and everyone of us will get there with the support of each other.. how can we go wrong!

Sending you all slimming happy thoughts.

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