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What made the big difference to you.

quite a few things for me hun. a big one was i didnt wana be the fat mom at school, the thought of my kids feeling embarrassed of having a fat mom was enough. also i love getting dressed up and didnt feel confident or beautiful being big.
think u really have to have ur head in the right place to lose weight, if ur not that bothered or 100% committed then u prob wont get there.

good luck losing ur weight hun.

x x
for my it was because I see myself as hideous..i'm so scared and imbarresed around men who I liked if im out clubbing with friends, as I never get the attention and that make my self esteem drop so fast....so that was it, i decided i wanted to be at a healthy weight and now i have joined this this website to help myself.


Back to the grindstone!!
For me, it was when my 5 year old niece pleaded with me to come outside and play as I needed the exercise! Obviously her parents talking and she'd overheard. I was already ashamed and that was a big slap I probably needed to join LL back in 2007.
Wanting to do all the normal things with my son and fiance. I want to go swimming and not worry about all the wobbly bits.

And look fantastic in a wedding dress. I have until next sept, Im feeling optimistic so far!
i wanted to feel like i could dress and be how i wanted , was sick of sitting home all day depressed and having no life... i wanted to wake up and the first thing i think of not to be AHH what will i wear lol.

I think what's changed this time, and got me feeling more motivated (though I'm only a week in so hoping it will keep me going) is i have a really active job. I work with kids, teaching drama, and I was coming out of hour long classes exhausted!

The final straw though was when I looked in the mirror, wearing an "oversized shirt" I bought a month earlier. It was a size too big when I bought it, and now it was gaping all over. That's when I knew that I had been way too greedy and lazy over the last few weeks.
I had always just accepted that I was big and that was just how I was. Oneday it just clicked, I was so fed up and tired of eating and feeling out of control in that area of my life. I had tried countless times to lose weight and would succeed for a few months to lose 2 stoneish then give up.

I decided this battle was over and there was only going to be one winner - me!

I went to bed on June 3rd this year as one person and woke as another on June 4th - the day I started Lighter Life.

Be commited 100% and don't make any excuses and you will do it :)

Kat xx

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