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What now?? update.xx

My doc has advised me to come of cd due to health stuff, but what do i do now?? ww/sw I still want to lose some more weight, ok so it will be slower but this is my health we are talking about but I love cd and am very very nervous of not having it in my life.xx

Sorry thats all a bit gobbley gook but Im just confused.xx
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oh no! if you do have to come off just do low gi or low carb and count calories. I would be gutted to come off now.
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Ahh hun,

Try not to worry about it you have achieved soooooo much! With only 9lb to go i would choose which ever you think will fit best in to your life.

Sorry i can't give more advice i just wanted to congratulate you on you fantastic weight loss.

Thankyou, I no its not the end of the world with so little to lose but its just a little sooner to come off cd than I had planned.xx


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hey honey. how about moving up the plans for a couple of weeks. do 810 next week, that's not a vlcd any more, then 1000. then move onto ww or slimming world? at least then you'll feel like you are transitioning between the two rather than just switching...

abz xx
S: 18st2lb C: 12st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 5st5lb(29.53%)
I totally understand as it means you will have to deal with food choices properly again and i think that's daunting to any of us that have been on CD for a while.

But, having said that, maybe its not a bad thing if you learn to control your weight using normal food rather than meal replacement...at least you will be able to get your social life back....and have an odd glass of wine. Hang on a minute i'm talking myself in to joining you lol.

Good luck with whatever you decide, and i hope your health probs resolve asap.
great minds think alike hun, Ive just this min got off the phone with my cdc saying the same about moving up to 1000 etc as ive been on 810 the last 2 weeks anyhow, he is gonna ring the medical cd folks with my new tabs and what the doc has said and he will get back to me about it.
Thanks abz.xx
Have you done either of them before, WW may be advisable as you are still counting what you are eating and therefore limiting your intake.

I did ww years ago this is the one im leaning towards at the mo.x

it sounds like a good plan hon, as the 1000 plan isn't too different to ww calorie-wise from what i've heard. if you are already doing 810 then it seems like a good choice. if you don't want to go over to ww the cd plans keep on going up to a maintenance menu. so once you've been on 1000 a week there's nothing to stop you going up to 1200 if you want to. and still have a shake or a soup every day. although at some point you are going to have to let go of cd. it isn't meant to be forever :) but then neither is ww. i'm just hoping that once i get the hang of portion sizes and what is healthy i won't have to follow a 'plan' any more. but that's in the distant future. ha.

abz xx
Thanks abz, not that eating anything has been a problem this weekend ive been in soooooo much pain.lol. why am I laughing??
don't know hon... but laughter is always good. my mate is sitting next to me eating a tesco finest lasagne... that i got from the shop for him. ha. and it smells soooooooooooooooo good *drool*.

abz xx
That exactally what my oh is having for tea cos im in to much pain to cook.lol.
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what a shame, i know roughly how you are feeling im worried about getting close to target and trying to be on my own without cd hope you feel better soon hun x
Thanks hun, Im still drinking my water lol and cups of tea with my skimmed milk.lol. To be honest cant keep anything else down at the mo.xx
heya susan,

gallstones are a b*tch! Its your health is all that matters at the end of the day. I think you have done fab with cd and are a great inspiration to many on here myself included. you never seem to moan or whine or anything. i really admire you. I think ww or sw would be great for you hun :) XXX

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