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What should I do?


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Hi jools

Is there any chance that you could see your CD any earlier, not sure if that kind of flexibility is possible. I know that my CD does other meetings and if there was a situation that might otherwise cause me to give up she would arrange to briefly see me outside her regular hours. After all, satisfied customers will continue to purchase and recommend to their friends, so it is hopefully financially worth it for your CD.
Sorry if you have already thought of this and for whatever reason its just not feasible x
Definitely give your CDC a call and ask if you can swap your soups for something you can stomach. I know my CDC would very happily do that, though I know some are more amenable than others.

No harm in giving her a call, is there?


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I called my CDC twice in the first week to go back and change things I didn't like and there was no problem at all.
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Before everyone screams at me, i want to say this is not what i advocate and obviously cd ss should be followed with strict adherance to the 3/4 a day, but if you are genuinely in a pickle and can't get there, something else may need to be considered. ( i have to confess that i have missed packs if i have had a naughty binge.....:eek:, and i did miss 3 pack one week as i hated the flavours)

Maybe you could have a 810 meal as a replacement for the shake? But try to make the veg as nutrient rich as is possible.

Next time you do get to your cdc maybe consider buying a few extra of packs that you like so that you can have standbys, while you still try all the flavours, until you know what you like. (incidently, which soup was it?...i detest broccoli and cheese, but live on spicy tom!)



Yummy Mummy in the making
S: 14st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 2st0lb(13.66%)
Its the broccoli and cheese one :sign0137:

Cant get hold of CDC, I have tried calling. Think what I may have to do is split a pack on Monday to spread it out over the day until I see her at 6:30pm. Thank you for suggestions xx
LOL, broccoli and cheese soup is vile! It tastes like 4 day old dishwater.

And yet some people love it (they must have tastebuds of steel!!). Having said that, I'm sure my CDC said they were going to stop making it soon...


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Must agree the cheese and brocc made me wana hurl!!! I pinched my nose and just downed the lot!!



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In an emergency have an SS+ meal. These should be with your 3 packs a day, but better than nothing.

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