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What should I do?


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
This is driving me mad. I am doing induction, I am in ketosis, yet this morning I have put on 2 pounds. I have not lost anything for ages, just gone up and down within the sam 3 pounds, but this morning it is up by 2 pounds. I am nearly at the point of giving in. i am eating right, having less than 20g per day, mainly green veg.

Yesterday I had-

B- 2 egg omelete with 2 rashers of bacon and 20 g cheese.
L- MiM
D- 6 king prawns with salad.
A- none
E- hours fast walk.

Please help, it is driving me MAD!!!!!!!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Cheers darling. I am finding it hard to eat much really, don't feel very hungry.
You have done so well!


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Are you on exante now then?
Much as its paining me yes. I just wasnt losing at all on Atkins even though I was finding it really easy. Figured a few weeks on Exante to get the rest off and then back to Atkins. If I manage to lose anything past my target weight on Atkins great but if I dont Im not bothered.


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Good for you. Been wondering if i should go back on lipotrim to get the rest of. I get confused as to wether I should eat or not. I hate it so much.


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I dont think you are eating nearly enough to lose weight. you need to eat fat on this diet to lose fat love x


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Vicky is completely right, your breakfast looks good but the rest of your day is way too low in cals and fat. If you had a savory mim with butter, slices of ham or salami and some salad and mayo at lunch, then your king prawns dipped in lots of mayo and some stir fried veg in oil you'd be closer. You want to eat at the very least 1200 cals on average, and 65-70 percent, at least, of the calories in that should come from fat. As soon as I couldn't eat enough, I stopped losing weight.

Also bear in mind you've confused your body by starving it for 3 days to get into ketosis rather than letting it get there naturally through low carb - usually people are hungry and eat more in the first 3 days. By eating less maybe it's going to need longer to figure out what's going on.


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Thankyou guys. I will up the food then.

so far today I have had-

B- 2 egg omelet with bacon and cheese.
L- ham salad with coleslaw, I know colslaw is bad, but.
D- will be roast pork with green veg.

but I just feel full all the time.
Increase your fat intake. It's already been said but good advice should be repeated! There are loads of ways to increase it. If you feel full all of the time have a shake for one meal and put a tablespoon of oil in it (you won't taste it - preferable a decent healthy oil like olive, walnut or hemp aka good oil instead of vegetable oil etc).

When I was making an effort to up my fat intake I was having 100g cheese (34g fat) for breakfast, an Atkins RTD and Almonds for lunch (43g fat) and somethinglike eggs and bacon for dinner (30-40g fat). Then added i snacks which must have accounted for 20g and you can see where the fat comes from!

There is also a chapter in Atkins book about those who have a very high metabolic resistance.

Good luck.


Clean green leafy machine
Maybe watch your cheese intake? It stalls me if I eat my daily induction allowance :(


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Right cheers, I will cut the cheese, increase the fat and water and read the chapter on high metabolic resistance.

If only it was easy for everyone!, lol.
i am like you, i can be in ketosis and still lose nothing, or gain. i gain and lose the same 3 to 4 lbs for a couple of weeks before i finally get a lower reading on the scales. then they jump up again.
i eat legal, i eat plenty of fat, i don't cheat, i drink water.

but overall, i am losing, also inches, and i look better. my hair and nails and eczema are better, so stick with it. some of us are slower, but it's worth it.
It's very odd. I switched from my usual breakfast of egg and slice of bacon to s.f jelly or cheese portion and I stopped losing weight. The second I went back to my egg and bacon the weight shifted! Of course it could just be a coincidence but I'm going by eggs and bacon help me lose weight lol x


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i think the jelly is full of rubbish additives so plain bacon and eggs is much better :D
I'm getting fed up with Jelly ! x

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