What should I expect from class ?


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Hi hun,

Don't be scared or apprehensive. Your weight is confidential it doesn't get called out, the only thing that gets said is Df has lost xxlb's this week and mrs D has had a slight gain and then they talk about your targets for the next week, if you have struggled with anything if there is anything you found out that could help others in class. Things like that. It is really friendly and a good way to get to know people in a similar situation to yourself. Remember we are all doing slimming world to lose weight.


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Hi hun, it isn't scary at all. You go in and your consultant will give you a talk about how to do the plan, then you get weighed and then everyone sits and has a good talk about the plan etc. Nobody's weight is read out. You also have the chance to buy magazine and books etc It is great fun, everyone is really nice. Plus you will get your sw online password.


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You will enjoy it, i wouldn't miss a WI as you get so many tips and advice, its a night out for me (how sad am i) lol. We often have taster night were people bring in foods for other to try, were having one next week and gives you some great ideas to help you on your menus. Go and enjoy it and take in all the great advice. xxx


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Our class is fun as well - like the others have said, we dont have our weight called out, just talk about how much we have lost and the consultant wont say that if you dont want her to. Everyone is there for the same reason and are really encouraging when things are going well but also very understanding if things arn't so good - after all, we are all there for the same reason.


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Thanks everyone - my class is tomorrow morning so at least I get started properly then :)