What the hell happened! Again Chikikie's weightloss journey

Discussion in 'All Other Diets' started by chikikie, 15 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. chikikie

    chikikie Banned

    :eek:I dont have a computer and rely on the library for internet connection, I couldnt read all of them, cant believe how vile you all were.:cry::sigh:

    Here I start again, Now weigh 20stone 2lbs. I suffered abuse from my ex husband, he had control of all the finances and did all the food shopping, so mainly lived of unhealthy food like white bread processed foods. Ok So most of you thinks meal replacements are the bees knees, i dont agree and ask again if only genuine people please post, ones who eat normally and healthily, I really just wanted to converse with people who like me want to lose weight in a healthy way. 6lbs lost yayayayayayay!
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  3. chikikie

    chikikie Banned

    PS if I wanted to talk to people on these meal replacements plans dont yer think Id of posted on one? Arent there any moderators on here watching people sabortaging peoples threads?
  4. chikikie

    chikikie Banned

    Do you treat everyone with a genuine weight problem like this, who's new here. I read three pages and the last one and stillc ant believe how mean you all were, perhaps its the not eating real food which has had an effect on your moods, i dont know. all I ask is to be respected, thats all, I respect all of you and dont post vicious posts on your thread. Just expect the same curtesy
  5. hotstuff

    hotstuff Full Member


    Welcome first of all. I can't read the other postings, only your postings. Sorry you have been going through a rough time. I'm doing Cambridge myself and although I do think it is brilliant I also respect your opinion not to agree. So I just wanted to lend my support and wish you all the best on your weight loss journey. Keep us posted as to how you're getting on.
  6. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Hotstuff, Chikikies dosen't want people who are on a VLCD posting on her threads :eek:

    That means most of Minis.

    I should not be here.....:rolleyes:
  7. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Silver Member

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    BONKERS! That's respect is it? not in my eyes.
  8. Gemma

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    Firstly well done on taking the steps to dealing with your weight problems,

    Secondly this is a weight loss support forum therefore we support everyone whether or not the following the same type of diet as us. However when someone starts off with such a negative post about the diets we choose to follow of course your going to get a reaction, maybe this is what you wanted, who knows!!

    This forum is the only support alot of us get when we choose to follow VLCD and therefore get annoyed when someone comes on and declares us unhealthy with out obviously doing their research as if you had you would realise it was GP approved and in alot of cases recommended.

    Last of all if you don't want VLCD posters on your thread I would firstly suggest leaveing the negative comments alone, its our choice to do this diet, if you can't manage that then add all the VLCDers to your ignore list, (might take u a while though)
  9. hotstuff

    hotstuff Full Member

    Spooky, quick over here.......... hide! :wavey:

    If we're not supposed to be here, how do we get out? :eek: I'm scared

    V..ery L..ong C..old D..ungeon what's a girl to do???
  10. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Come on folks...be kind.

    chikikie. Perhaps it's was the way you phrased your first message. I know as an ex-Cambridge dieter, it does get kind of maddening when people judge the diet without really knowing much about it, and it can set people into defensive mode.

    They get it outside the forum, and come here knowing that others, though they may not do the diet themselves, wont judge. It's hard to hear those same old phrases here, they get from people who make quick judgements without learning about it.

    Anyway, I'm following healthy eating :clap: I'm not planning to lose any weight mind you. I do have quinoa once or twice a week :D

    Very best of luck with your chosen way of losing weight. If you can avoid putting the VLCD down, you may attract others that are doing the same as you :)

    As I say. Very best of luck.
  11. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

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    Chikikie I think youll find everyone on here is very supportive, regardless of which diet youre following. I think the mistake you made was to say you werent interested in any input from anyone doing a VLCD.

    Im not doing a VLCD but the people on here are wonderful, and are completely supportive and encouraging. I have loads of people post on my diary who wouldnt consider doing WW, and I post on a lot of threads in LL and CD although I wouldnt dream of doing them. Regardless of which diet people are following they understand what youre going through with your journey and struggles.

    Be a bit more open to people on here. Dont disregard someone because you dont like the diet theyre on, and as youll see, trying to dictate who can and cant post on your thread is a sure fire way to alienate yourself from some amazing people who can offer you a huge amount of support as you continue on your diet.

    It might be worth considering starting afresh, with a new diary thread, just introduce yourself, explain what diet youre doing and enjoy Minimins. Noone will try and force their diet choices on you :)
  12. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

  13. Isis

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    Hello Chikikie :)

    I believe I gave a fair and balanced reply to your original thread and do not feel I was mean or vile in my manner towards you.

    As a Moderator and member of Minimins since it's conception, my vision and intention has always been to promote, encourage and support an atmosphere of mutual respect for one another's individual beliefs and own identified needs.

    A role I take very seriously and one close to my heart.

    Everyone has the power of choice. You can choose not to see what I am trying to express with sincerity here.

    It is always unfortunate if a new member does not appear to have a positive first experience within our community. Fortunately, this is a very rare occurence.

    That is not the ethos or aim of Minimins as I am sure you can see from the variety of weightloss topics, wealth of knowledge, life experiences and mutual support that transpires each day on the boards between members.

    Again, I wish you well in your chosen weightloss journey.

  14. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

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    Well done on losing 6lbs, what a brilliant start.

    I am afraid that my opinion about VLCDs will differ to yours, I have followed one successfully in the past but I am now eating healthily. Does that mean I should contribute to your thread or not? Also if my diet choice is different to yours does that make me ingenuine?

    I would love to converse with you - support comes in lots of different formats and this site isn't just about support in food choices - if you read the title bar on your internet window it's a "Weight Loss Support Forum", that means support for all aspects of weightloss from the diet you follow to the emotions and struggles you face on a day to day basis.

    Everyone on here needs the same support and we can relate to each other's experiences of weightloss - some people are just taking a different route to that final goal - to lose weight and be the best and the healthiest that you can be.

    Please don't disregard the valuable support that EVERYONE on here can offer you on your journey.

    Good luck with the journey and I look forward to hearing your progress.
  15. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

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    Hi Chikikie. I'm NOT on a VLCD but seeing how your original thread upset some of my 'friends' kinda upset me a little too. I am on Slimming World which is very very normal eating and I post on all the sub-forums on here. I would never consider a VLCD for myself so I know where you are coming from on that score but I do think you launched onto the forum in attack mode which is not the best way to endear yourself to people.

    Many people on here have tried several different diets and can offer fantastic advice even if they are now following a different plan.

    Start again, leave yourself open to everyone and no one will suggest you switch to a replacement diet or try to force their own beliefs onto you.

    Well done on your 6lb loss, that's great. I look forward to seeing more possitive input from you on here, this really is a place full of nice people who will help and support as much as possible x
  16. chikikie

    chikikie Banned

    Firstly, I didnt call people bonkers, just vlcds are bonkers, my opinion.

    I find that many people that go on a vlcd are looking for the quick results regardless of what irreversable damage that may do. Its such a shame that 90% on here are on a vlcd of some kind, but do know that my friend recommended this site as she said there were some successful normal dieters on here with alot of advice on nutrition. I cant see how someone who is eating shakes can advise me on nutrition on food, its all done for them via a little packet. Besides all my research on vlcds suggest that a)they cost a packet b) its miserable and unsocial c) the house always wins, ie the makers of this so called product which is rediculasly cheap, make an absolute packet. I feel many people find it easier to avoid food all together like they are giving up smoking or drinking, eating food is not the problem, generally its our resons for eating that is. Yes a weightloss of 4lb/5lbs a week is amazing, but your not sure what the weight you are losing is, hairloss is an unfortuate side effect, possible dry skin undernourished skin, nutrients in a powder form dont always get absorbed properly so the body needs to deplete what stores it has in the body. :break_diet:forgive me if I dont want to risk my own health and welbeing for the sake of miraculas weightloss. I'd like the 10% of dieters who are following a healthy diet who think 1lb/2lb a week loss is bloody fantastic, unfortunately its seems all the vlcders have scared them all off the site! You should rename it. If i offend anyone by these views, views you'll find on google then C'est la vie, I shall find my suport somewhere else.
  17. chikikie

    chikikie Banned

    PS taz that doesnt mean you of course, you have been quite nice.
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  19. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Hi chikikie

    I hope you don't mind me posting, but I did use a VLCD to lose the bulk of my weight, but am maintaining nicely eating healthily. For me, a VLCD saved my life, because I was 18st 11lbs and would never have found a lump in my groin buried under loads of fat. It turned out to be cancer (which I have now had 5 times in the past 10 years). Finding this lump, having it removed and subsequent treatment meant I am still here screaming and kicking lol. Also because of the initial lump I now have regular screening and other lumps have been found and dealt with.

    I know this is an exceptional case, but I do defend my doing the VLCD because of the above.

    I can understand you, and many others, wanting to follow a healthy eating programme and I feel you will get all the support from this site if you ask the right sort of questions and do not undermine the hard work of those VLCDers who are trying, in their own way, to tackle their weight issues.

    Please don't be offended by my post, I am just trying to tell my story x x x
  20. chikikie

    chikikie Banned

    Ive started a new thread now, and would like recipes that dont involve suger and are low in sat fat thanks. Ive made my feelings clear on vlcds, if you are on or have been on a vlcd and feel you can contribute with recipes please feel free to post on my new thread!
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