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what the hell...


Trying to stay positive..
well, according to my salter scales, i'm a healthy weight now (smth like 24.70 BMI). to be honest, i was hoping that my boobs would get a lot smaller (i secretly wanted to be cup C-D at most). I used to wear 38G before i started the diet, and i went to bravissimo recently, hoping to buy a cup E, and I'm... 32FF... :( i shall repeat myself: what the hell??:/
but on a more positive note: I now lost almost 40kg on CD (that's a bit more than 6st), and have roughly 3/4st to lose:) so that's good i guess:)
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That is excellent! Well done!

boobs are independent creatures, never do what we tell them too, and decide which way they are going to point, and shrink and grow and grow and shrink...

Well done for buying new underwear though - that is always fun!
Well done!! can i ask how long it took you to lose your weight as i am looking to lose 6 stone


Trying to stay positive..
i started CD on the 1st of May 2008. So it took me 5 and a half months to lose 40kg and reach a "healthy" weight. But I still want to lose a bit more:)
well done you amazing!!!!! now could you pass some of those boobs over this way hun, cos at this rate i'm gonna be in a 'c' cup...... mine are a mere shadow of there former selves bless them!!!!!! however tops do look better now i'm not bulging out of them hahaha x
i will be quite happy if my boobs dont shrink as i lose weight, im a 38 - 40 F/FF (i think) least im wearing comfily a 38 F right now with minor spillage on one side lol. i think if i lose weight and my boobs stay the same it will make my belly look smaller lol. they balance out my figure and i love them
i have been told that mine are quite perky for big ones, impressed the skinny SIL when letting her mate try on my bra and walking round without one on under my t shirt. they are fair big but not droopy and stay a fair distance up my chest.


Trying to stay positive..
well, you're one of the lucky ones i guess:) i can't say that mine are like that:) my boobs started rapidly growing when i was 19-20yrs old, and from a cup D they grew to cup G in a period of 2 years... so obviously they didn't have much time to adjust, and, well- they ain't the best:)


Trying to stay positive..
i'm not SSing, because my CDC told me I'm too thin for that and i would just be losing muscle tissue. so i'm on 810kcal. what i meant was that when i go off CD completely after losing all the weight i want to lose, is it possible to actually lose more weight after going back to conventional food.
I don't know about the CD program, or what SSing is, but after reading the start of this thread I want to say 2 things:

1) well done you for losing that much, be proud of yourself, and
2) you look amazing in your avatar/sig photo, really beautiful :)
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
I am going to go on maintenance for at least 2 months. Take it gradually, and rethink your diet going forward.

You look fab by the way.


Trying to stay positive..
the problem is: I REALLY don't want to be on cambridge during christmas:) i'm almost done though, so i should be done with dieting sometime in the middle of november, and i want to do maintenance for about a month, let's say until the 15th-20th of december. hopefully all will be ok:)

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