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What to do.....eat or not to eat?


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I'm really trying to stop my 'not eating on weigh day' merlarkey but not sure if this is the right week to start?

I didn't go last week and judging by this mornings weigh in I reckon I'm up about 2 pounds - sob, but I have had a hard couple of weeks.

Now, do I do as usual and not eat before wrigh in (it's not until 6:30) and limit how bad the weigh in is or do I eat today and potentially put on a stupid amount?

Id def leave it until next week but then anything I lose may be scrubbed out by eating.

I feel stuck!!
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If I were you, I would eat. I have spent ages not eating until after WI, but now at target I still want to attend to keep an eye on my weight, and I cant keep doing this every week forever. As you are expecting a gain anyway, eat, and then whatever your gain is - you know some of it will be food weight, and next week, you can eat normally and see the loss reflected anyway. Habit broken. Just like that!


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Do you mean you don't eat all day or you don't have your dinner before WI?
I personally wouldn't have my dinner before WI but I'd make sure I had lunch and maybe some fruit mid afternoon.
If you can have your dinner every week before WI then go for it :)
In my opinion it's the perfect week to do it, just because you are expecting a gain anyway and will be able to mentally associate it with struggling to stay on plan rather than the eating on WI day.

Eating nothing and drinking very little on weigh in day is a really bad habit so give yourself the biggest gift and break it now.


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No, as in I don't eat all day!!! Not easy when I'm trying to look after my toddler!!

It got silly before I had Dd....when DS was in a pushchair and it was the height of summer I'd go for a 2 hour hilly walk and wouldn't even drink water as I was scared.

I've managed to convince myself to drink (my caffeine addiction fuelled by having 2 kids sorted that) but as for eating, still haven't mastered it!

If I do eat, I'm not even sure what to eat. I guess light food like salad?

Argh, someone give my head a talking to, it's driving me mad!


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Patchworkpuss I know you're right...it's just taking the plunge and actually doing it!


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I'm not really a breakfast person anyway - my body screams for caffeine but I don't really feel hungry until lunch time. I try to avoid bread and I'm sick of salad...just not quite sure what to eat!


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I have either weetabix or porridge with fruit for breakfast then egg or ham salad for lunch with a yoghurt or banana to follow
I have cooked breakfast, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, mushrooms and beans and then I only need fruit salad and yoghurt for lunch.
I drink 3 cups of coffee and drink my water throughout the day.
However, I don't have anything from 2.30 to 3 ish for a 5.30 WI.

Do it - eat lady!!!
I might have some lunch today....I was thinking of making some soup but not sure I can be bothered to make it. Reckon it might be a good compromise though?
Yes, have soup. Good way to start.

Heres the kicker, right, (a la American Gameshow) - when you get up and dont eat, your metabolism isnt fired up. So you wont be helping yourself over the long term anyway because you are basically throwing a day of effective fat burning away.

Which every 7 weeks, is a week of fat burning. Which makes it look a little more daunting. And over a year... Well, thats nearly 2 months worth of time when you are stopping your metabolism from correctly functioning as it should.

Put like that...
Oh god! But in just not hungry first thing.... How soon do you need to eat and how much do you think? I'm guessing my skimmed milk in the coffee doesn't count? :)
I agree - it's the perfect week. And TBH I don't think having a light lunch will make much difference anyway - if you eat at 12 that's 6 hours before weigh in! My weigh in is either 6 or 7.30 so I eat breakfast and lunch as normal but then nothing until weigh in. I also stop drinking about 3/4pm - I just do it for consistency as first week I went I was running about and didn't have time for tea beforehand. For lunch weigh in days I seem to have fallen into a pattern of having salad with some kind of bolognese sauce left from tea but I don't obsess over having the same each week.

Good luck with weigh in - it might not be as bad as you think. :)
Ok, I'm really going to try! I'm not at all hungry yet though!!


Always comes back to MMs!

Come on, this is dangerous, definitely get some fruit, yoghurt and a light lunch down you, if you don't eat then you may start to feel light headed and what if you faint and hurt yourself?! Not good with the little ones around!

I know we all like to eat light on WI day but please eat something at least xxxxx
So true Laminx :)

If you don't stoke the fire it won't burn, as soon as you eat your metabolism starts can be as little as a banana or as much as a full breaky.

You have to fuel the metabolism for it to burn, day of WI eat little and often at least every 2hrs this will keep your metabolism ticking over and it won't be as if your having a big meal on day of WI.
You need to eat. If you don't eat, you won't lost weight.. your body will go into starvation mode and store all your fat!
That might be over exaggerating it, but if your body is not working to digest your food, what is it doing? What do you eat after WI?

You should eat your breakfast and your lunch as normal and then have your dinner after your WI. You're really not doing yourself any favours by not eating on WI day
Straight after weigh in I usually have a hi fi bar then dinner when I get home - nothing special, meat and veg...sometimes a dish with pasta as a treat. Fruit and Yog for pud.

I've got some soup on but didn't think and put it in the slow cooker - doh!

Would apple, orange and a yogurt be enough?
Please Please Please eat something more than some fruit. Its really bad for you to starve yourself and just eating fruit & Yog will mess with your sugar levels and make you crave bad foods later on. As a number of people have said, this is the perfect week to break the no eating before weigh in habit as you are already expecting a gain. I did this about 5 weeks ago and my gain was less than I expected, and since then I have always eaten before weigh in. I could understnand you not wanting to eat if you weigh in at 9am , but not eating at all until probably 8pm (if my group is anything to go by) is REALLY NOT GOOD FOR YOU