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What to do???

Ive already sort of asked this question on the Pro Plan query but wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on the following conundrum?

I am going out on Saturday night with friends for a dinner (not sure where we are going yet, but got Eating Out Guide handy). I have managed not to touch any of my 49pp weekly allowance yet as I wanted to use it Saturday.

My problem is: Do I just try and stick to my 30pp allowance or do I use my 49pp as well? The reason I am asking is that I am going to be weighed on Sunday morning and am a bit worried that eating an extra 49pp the night before may affect the scale reading??


Sue xx
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Silver-Haired Hottie
Hi Sue. What would you normally do the night before a typical weigh-in? If you're used to going out for dinner on Saturday night and weighing in the day after, this is "typical" for you. (I like my Saturday morning WI time for just this reason!)

It's not the extra Points in the food that'll cause an upturn in your weight. Apparently, it takes several days for your body to break down the food, realize there's too much unused energy and deposit it as fat. But there's the risk of retaining water, especially if you go out for sushi or Chinese food, having the extra volume in your digestive tract, etc., etc.
Hi Rachel,
This is the first time I have ever been to a Sunday morning meeting. Last time I did meetings, it was on Wednesday evening so plenty of days to "offload" anything I had eaten on Saturday night. And only ate breakfast all day on the Wednesday just to make sure the scales weighed less (not good - practically fainting with hunger standing in the queue to be weighed). However, due to my shiftwork, I found it increasingly difficult to get to evening meetings (too much rushing around) and now that I have found a Sunday am meeting feel i may do a bit better. I will find out whats best to do along the way i suppose, (we go out with the same friends 2 saturdays a month so not a regular occurrence) Just a bit worried as its my first weigh in on the new plan and i SO want to lose a bit this week, LOL!
I would say use your weekly during the week and what you have left on saturday, if any. try to keep saturday as low as you can!
Thanks kagome, still getting my head round the plan, not doing too badly although somewhat disappointed with the new Eating Out Guide - no points for Chips on their own from a fish & chip shop and the Kebab House section also seems to have disappeared, meaning i cant have my doner kebab any more :(
probably there will be updates to the eating out guide in the next years. You can still look online for recipes of your fave food and point them. That's what I do when I go to the restaurant and there's food not on the guide :) I know it won't be 100% right, but it's a good indication!

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