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What to order on your first week?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I did try searching. :confused:

I'm starting SS next week and need to make an order because its a home visit. I know you're not allowed to have the bars in the first two weeks, but can you have the porridge?

Is it wise to get the porridge x7, shakes x7 and soups x7?

There seems to be only 3 flavours of ready made shakes, do you mix the packs with skimmed milk or water?
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You mix the packs with water.

You can have porridge on your first week.

If you've never done it before, I would recommend getting as broad a range of packs as possible so you can work out what you like and what you don't. By week two you will have a much better idea.

I'm now in week 8 and only have chocolate tetras and peanut crunch bars - but everyone is different.
Hey hun,

I was told that im not allowed the possidge in the first week...
So this week (my first) itried everything i got 2 of every soup but i will prob change that as my fave is oriental chilli....and i would get more shakes so far i like all of them....
Cheese and brocolli soup wasnt to nice....

Sorry i have waffled but i would say try them all in ur first week so u will know what u like for the coming weeks xx
Very much what Guru said, i was the same, i had a fairly wide range of products, evened it out so i tried a new flavour every day, then i shoved all the ones i dont like to the back of the week, so now for the last few days i have been stuck with the ones i think are minging...
All i can say is go for the ones you think youll like the most and hope you do :) Its all hit and miss, i know when i go back tomorrow i am only getting a small selection of what i have had this week.

But anyway, good luck with your CD journey!

Katy x


WILL be Slim!
welcome along hun!
There are indeed only 3 tetra flavours available and you mix the powdered shakes with water and not milk unless your on SS+ and that is a way of using up the milk if your not a fan.
and although a lot of people go for the 21 quota, i got an additional 2 just in case i was so disgusted by one of the flavours that it had to go down the sink! lol
You can have the porridge from day dot
the flavours are up to you, i usually have 2 shakes and 1 soup a day....shake, soup, shake....but occassionally (VERY!) swap a shake for a porridge but i'm not the biggest fan of the porridge.
i played it safe for the first week with the basic flavours (choc, strawberry, banana, butterscotch) and then ventured onto the others as i'm a bit of a chicken! lol
Good luck with your start hun!
I ordered vanilla, strawberry and choc shakes, Chocolate tetras and porridge. To be honest, I only like the choc tetras. I have spoke to my CDC and she is changing them for me tonight. May try the strawberry tetras to see what they are like.

Good Luck x
It's only bars and drink flavourings you can't have in the first fortnight, as I recall.

I'd order a few extras (keep a couple of spares at work - because until you're in the habit you may forget to take them with you! - I did...). If you get a flavour you REALLY don't like when you first sip it, you can ditch it and make up a 'safer' one. There are popular flavours so you can determine which are 'safe' by volume of votes! - have a search.

I wish I'd had a spare for the day in week 1 I had the soon-to-be-ditched Cheese and Broccoli soup... but I didn't and it was awful. Nearly put me right off.


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I tried everything in the first week (not including the tetras or bars). It gave me an idea of what I liked or did not and from the second week I then went on to order my favourites x
First week i stuck to flavours i knew i liked in 'normal'food. Choc/chocmint/strawberry/forest fruits/vanilla shakes and veg/chickmush/tomato soups as i didn't want to try anything i may not like so early on. My firm fave has to be vanilla, half pack made with ice up to 250ml and a good spoon of coffee. Its just a reliable fall back, and spliting it means you can have more! Can also be used as a coffee whitener. 2nd week had everything my cdc had, learned what i liked and hated after i was already hooked on the diet, so i couldn't use it as an excuse to give in. Good luck hun xx

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