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Puddings What to serve my guests for dessert?!

BritMummyInOhCanada said:
When you have dinner guests over, what desserts do you serve from SW? I know what I am making for dinner but I'm a bit stuck on dessert! I need something that will please non-dieters! :eat:
Haven't made it myself but what about an Eton mess type thing. Put fresh fruit, cream (in everyone else's, quark or Greek yoghurt in your own) and then meringues which I think are quite low around 3-4syns but you will have to check diff brands or recipe if you make your own!
This way you get dessert for 3-4syns and everyone else gets a full fat dessert and no one will know yours is any different!!!

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how about having merangue nests with cream and fresh fruit or cream and shavings of chocolate ... if you wanted you could make theirs the full fat version and do yours the slimming world way with lowfat spray cream
A low syn dessert could be angel delight( you can buy 'diet' versions) in a wine glass with broken up meringue nests scattered on top and strawberries :) very yummy!
Great ideas guys! I want to try them all...hahaha I think I will try them al too because I have a few dinner parties coming up!! Cheers everyone, will let you know the outcome!! ;)
I brought the chocolate cheesecake on the website to a family party. No-one knew it was SW and they all loved it. It all got eaten and I got loads of nice comments. Serve with cream for those who want it and summer berries as it's quite rich.

Plus you can make it in advance so you aren't cooking whilst they're there.
Most desserts made with quark are low fat yet creamy so will go down well with both dieters and non-dieters. hope you have a fab time.
One I am planning on trying is an adaption of the cheesecake out lovely ladies in the canteen at work serve.
Theirs: 2 tubs tesco value soft cheese, 1 small tub double cream, 100g icing sugar - whisk together until really light. Obviously on a crushed biscuit and melted butter base. They sometimes top it with things like lemon curd or fresh fruit or stir raspberries in just before putting the topping on the base.
I am going to try quark, fromage frais and sweetener for the topping with some defrosted raspberries in it. If it works it will be a great syn free creamy base for desserts which can be tweaked based on syns left or how naughty you feel (I.e. Christmas). Would go great as an Eton mess kinda pud - that way you can do 2 meringues for those not watching their waist and 1 for those who are.

I will let you know how it goes when I can get some quark to try it with, I have only been able to get quark or fromage frais since I started on SW not both at the same time.
The other night I melted a Cadbury's chocolate elf and mixed it with quark to make a lovely mouse type mix for dipping fresh fruit in, it was great and really low in syns something like 3.5 for the elf. It lasted so much longer than the 1-2 bites of chocolate that there was in it.

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