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What 'tweaks' do you do and still lose weight?


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S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st12.5lb G: 10st7.0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
In group I hear people talking of 'tweaks' but no-one reveals what they do! So, I'm interested to know what 'tweaks' you do to the SW plan AND still lose weight!
Personally, from time to time I don't count fruit when I blend it. That's as radical as I get! So, what do you do?
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S: 18st8lb C: 11st3.0lb G: 10st11lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 7st5lb(39.62%)
:eek: you little devil, you! Radical, lol :rotflmao: . But seriously, if you do this on occasion and your weight loss is not affected, it should be ok.

I don't really tweak food but I don't count sweetner as syns. Total rebel, eh? :D


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S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st12.5lb G: 10st7.0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yeah that's me B.M. ! :banana_dancer: radical all the way! You've lost masses of weight, well done!


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S: 21st12lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 11st1lb(50.65%)
I don't count sweetener either.


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S: 16st11lb C: 16st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 38 Loss: 0st3lb(1.28%)
At the moment I am synning it but sometimes I don't syn a splash of milk in my coffee. I only have one a day if that and I don't take milk in my tea either so sometimes i find it pointless.


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S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st12.5lb G: 10st7.0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
No one seems to be doing anything radical then!


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S: 16st8lb C: 14st5lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 2st3lb(13.36%)
Quite a few now I think about it... Mostly little things.
I don't count if I have 1 extra coffees worth of skimmed milk but I do if it's more. I've never counted sweetener (are we supposed to? :eek:). I mix the extra light mayo with a little light mayo to make it taste better though I do count extra half syn per serving on that so it's not much of a tweak. I haven't used blended fruit yet, but someone sent me a curry sauce recipe that had an apple blended in, and if I'm honest I wouldn't count it, there's 1 in the recipe so it's not like I can over consume it like a smoothie or something.
The biggie though, I still log everything on MFP and if I'm going to have something high syn like alcohol or a slice of pizza or more chocolate than I should I will just calorie count and not bother with the syns at all that day. I still keep to the other SW principles -lots of speed, measured Hex's and so on and use syns as normal for the rest of the week. I wouldn't encourage anyone to tweak the plan but it works for me (well for now at least, might be something I need to change nearer to target of course). I've lost every week since I joined, sometimes only a little loss but it's a lifestyle I feel like I can sustain this way, and I don't beat myself up for high syns if I know my cals in are still less than my cals out so getting back on track is easier.

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