What veg can we eat??


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Hi All
Saw my lovely CDC yesterday and as we are doing ss+ with a meal I asked her about the different veg we can have. She was not sure what is allowed which is not on the liost - can anyone help? Also she said that as long as I count the calories I can have more veg - is this correct ?? :confused:
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Did your CDC give you the books regarding the different programmes, as they have the lists of veg allowed. I'd personally stick with what it says in the book, if you start tinkering with it your weight loss may not be as good, or you may lose the plot.

Vegetables allowed are normally white/green veg.


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For SS+ Choose 2 tablespoons from:

Green salad leaves, rocket, lamb's lettuce, watercress, raddiccio, little gem/romaine lettuce.
Celery, cucumber or red radishes.
Courgettes or marrow.
Brocolli, cauliflower or any cabbage, even pickled.
Spinach, kale, turnip
Asparagus, celeriac or fennel.
Chinese leafy greens such as pak choi or chinese cabbage.

Think mushrooms are also included in list, but were omitted in booklet.

Hope this helps.


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keep to lower GI/lower calorie veggies

Hi there
Keep off the root veggies in preference to the green leafy varieties. The latter are packed full of vitamins/minerals giving you more goodness as you cut back on general food intake. Keep off the sweetcorn and peas and up all the salad veggies. But lets face it any veg is better than sweet stuff in any shape or form!