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What was your lightbulb moment?


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I was thinking about the lightbulb moment that made me realise, OK, you have to start losing some weight NOW!! I guess we all have a reason for doing this... it would be too hard otherwise :) What was yours?
Mine was when I was realised I had put on another stone after being off work sick for 2 months because I hadnt been able to do any kind of exercise. And even my biggest size clothes (22) were now too tight. Also when I do go back to work they say I will have to do a swim fitness test (for lifesaving purposes... I'm a swimming teacher ... and I have to be able to swim 2 lengths in less than 60 secs :cry:) and I'm thinking 'oh my goodness, not a chance, looking like this!'
So here I am... Day 7 and 100% TFR so far with my first weigh in tomorrow :)
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i had a series of little light bulbs i think ... I actually didn't think i looked THAT Big when i first started, but looking back i was (a bit of fatorexia i think). The week before i started I had a woman stop in the street look straight at me about three steps away turn to her little girl and say "oh my god look at that lady she is huge". In the same week, as part of my job i sometimes have to drive cherry picker high reach truck thing and they have a weight limit on what is in the basket i was in one, just me and the blommin thing just kept beeping to say it was/i was overweight, very embarrassing as the beeping is very loud! My trousers were too tight, i couldn't get into the biggest size uniform my work do and then we booked a holiday to Las Vegas the ten hour flight would have been so uncomfortable at 18 and a half stone i just thought right, best do something about this so went to the chemist the next day and got my first weeks lipotrim. Its funny I had been ignoring the problem for a long time and otherwise really happy with my lot in life then suddenly just had enough...
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good luck for tomorrow hon, im on day 3 and its been a killer today .
hope all is going well for you and i hope ur weigh in is a good one .

x x x x x
My lightbulb moment was a long time coming, the first one was very barely being able to close the seatbelt on an aeroplane in April then the straw the broke the fat ladies back was when I had to get my mother to put on my shoes for me, it just went ping after that.


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S: 19st2.5lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 2st6.5lb(12.85%)
Thanks for sharing Lilac x x
And whitekitty, well done on getting through such a difficult day. They say the first 3 days are the hardest but actually I have found that today has been for me (Day 7) I guess it's different for everyone x
Brudge, been there too :( Hugs and best wishes to you.. please keep us posted on how well you're doing x
I will UKlady, it's my second time doing lipotrim and the first time around I lost 5 stone but I put it back up just as quickly, but I think with this as a support system I will be stronger when it comes to maintenance. X


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Mine was realising I had an extra stone to shift after having my baby. This was on top of the 3 stone over my ideal weight that i was already. My mum is diabetic and i don't want to end up the same.


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S: 19st2.5lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 2st6.5lb(12.85%)
Mine was realising I had an extra stone to shift after having my baby. This was on top of the 3 stone over my ideal weight that i was already. My mum is diabetic and i don't want to end up the same.
That's wonderful jen ... I wish you luck on this then. After my first weigh in I feel amazing. I know I'll not lose this much every week but the support on here this past week has made such a difference x
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Mine has been like a lot of yours a series of short flashes of light, that today came to a head.
Last year (September 2010) I lost about 2 and a half stone on Lipo Trim. It ended when I not only just fell off the wagon I kinda dived off it head first. I knew when on TFR I had to make changes in my life and went so far as buying some books to look at how I would eat one I came of the TFR, mastered the re feed etc. I did so well on the TFR and I could kick myself. One of my happiest moments was when my little girl (only 3 yrs at the time) said “mummy you’re not fat anymore”. Sad but true. Anyhow, usual stuff, I got distracted, forgot the big plan and while immersed in stress with work and home life I went back to my trusty way of coping. . . . . eating crap to make myself feel better.

The end result is that now nearly a year later I am back to the same weight. My relationship is suffering because rather than allowing my stunning and amazing partner to see me naked I have become cold when we go to bed to try and avoid the ….. well you know. When he hugs me on I slyly move away as I don’t want him to feel the lumps and bumps I am trying to ignore. He therefore is feeling insecure and wondering what he has done. So now my weight has two people feeling insecure and unhappy.

The light finally turned on and blinded me this morning when my loving, amazing partner set off to work on looking once again confused about what was wrong with me, and what he had done. I then try to get dressed and rifle through my clothes throwing the “not a chance to fit in clothes” to the side and pulling out a reliable pair of what used to be comfy baggy jeans. As I pulled them up with my entire mite, sucked in to fasten the button I realised enough was enough.

Tomorrow is my first day back on lipotrim, feeling a mixture of excitement, apprehension and fear. Quite an emotional day really ha ha.

I am currently searching this sight reading peoples amazing stories and hope that I can do as good as you guys have done.

Thank you for your inspiring posts guys x

P.S - promise never meant this to be long, I just started typing and it all kinda just flooded out phew.
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mine was when i was bustin out my size 24 top at work n needin a 26, that was the final straw! im now in a size 14 work top and workin on gettin that down too

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my is when my size 20 trousers are tight, living in leggings and not wanting to buy anything new because i WILL NOT buy a size 22.



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S: 19st2.5lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 2st6.5lb(12.85%)
Nikki I found your story really moving ... especially when you said that your weight now has 2 people feeling insecure and happy. Wow what a motivator to do something you love, when you realise the person you love is suffering because of it too. Please keep us posted... and if you have a bad day please come and message me :)
My lightbulb moment was like slow ive been meaning to do something about my weight for a while now but i went clothes shopping and realised that the only sizes that fit me were a size 18/20 and i was so shocked at how much weight i had actually put on in dress sizes so then thought omg i have to do something now or i wont do it at all it was only by chance i stumbled on what Lipotrim was.

Good look for your weigh in luv !!!
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My light bulb moment was 2 days before starting LP I was at a gym class and there's this women in the class and she's pretty big, very nice person but big. I always though good on her for trying hard to keep fit she prob doing the classes to shift her weight but I did feel sympathy for her size. Anyway this perticular day I ended up being right next to her and when looking in the wall made of mirrors I realize to my shock we were more or less the same size. I knew I was fat but you kinda compare my self to others and think oh their bigger than me or their about my size when in truth I'm deluded to my own size.

On week 5
Loss 23lb
47lb to go

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