What weight you want to be?


Hi there,

Just wondered how you all decided what your 'idea' weight would be?

I haven't decided yet. I figured I would know when I got there!? Won't I? :confused:

Right now, it just seems such a long way off, but having said that, it's approaching much faster than I ever expected.
I keep changing my mind - based on my bone structure, seeing and finding out what my friends weigh (always more than I thought!) and relatives!! I originally wanted to be 11 stone, then discovered my 'skinny' sister is nearly 12 stone and a size 12/14 :eek: And she's shorter than me!

So I did a poll of my other three sisters, chatted to my mum and various friends and have settled on 12 st 7 lbs!! :D
My counsellors decided on my goal weight, based on recommended weight according to my height. So this is what I am aiming for. But if I think I look too scawny on my way to 10 stones, I will reconsider my goal weight.

I do think it is good idea to set a weight so you know what to focus on.
I use to be around 105lbs/110lbs at most!

That has been awhile now:rolleyes:

Mentally I still yearn for that weight again... realistically from where I am now I would like to be 120lbs... eventually:)

Love Mini xxx
I am aiming for 9st 7lbs but when i reach 10st i will see how i feel, Last time i was 10st i felt very slim although at 5ft2 i would still be classed as overweight!
Don't worry Supergran, you can keep us company if you like!

My goal weight is provisionally 8 and a half stone, which is about half a stone into the healthy zone for my height (a mere 5 foot lol) However in my adult life the lightest I was ever was about 9 and a half, but I never felt slim. So this time I want to really be slim and see what it feels like! I am thinking if I can get to 8 and a half, with an aim to staying under 9..... hoping its realistic, but I will see how I look and feel nearer the time. I am almost down to 10 stone now:D but at only 5 foot tall I still look like a podge!

10 stone 7 for me .... I was a stone heavier than that for my wedding so it really will feel like a huge achievement! (I'm 5'6" ... with really horrible feet!) x
I have 9 stone as my goal because I felt great at 8 1/2 sone when I was 18 so added a bit more cos I''m older.

However I am now 10 stone 12 and already wearing size 10 to 12 clothes so I'm just hoping the ext 2 stone will come off my boobs calves and waist then I'll be happy
I have 200lbs as a goal ('cos it sounded a good number).

Currently at 348lbs - so even if 200lbs isn't my ideal weight, I'll worry about it when I get there!

I'm sure there'll be 15-20lbs of 'empty' spare tyre anyhow when I get there so have to decide what to do with that.
About 9.7/10st.
I used to be 9st size 6/8 but I was skinny and never ate for years to maintain it.
Last time I was 10st I was a size 10 and looked good I hope.
That was 7 years ago tho! :(
But my wedding dress will hopefully be a size 10 too..
Hi, I'm a CD crasher!! Anyways I chose 10stone as my goal weight, based on that being a BMI of 23.3, kind of middle of the healthy weight range. HOWEVER I am now reconsidering....I have lost almost 3 stone and have another 3 to lose to get to this goal that I have set. Currently am wearing mostly size 14s so I am wondering where this other 3 stone is going to come from!!! I think I will reevaluate it when I get to 11 stone, because I dont want to be a skinny minnie....I want to just be slim!!!