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What would turn your stomach to eat now

G: 10st10lb
What are the foods that you used to eat that would now make you feel quite ill to eat.

mine are

butter on sandwiches
double cream
cheap really greasy sausages
beef burgers ( I cann't even walk past a burger bar or van anymore without feeling really sick let alone eat one just the smell turns me)
fish in batter from the chippy
proper full fat crisps
full cream milk
anything fried
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We rarely go to the chippie even the 2 pests are'nt keen on them. The last time I had fish in batter i felt really ill, and it left a funny taste in my mouth. My Son had a bag of chips n town last week I ate 2 and again the funny taste in my mouth. Not very pleasant.
Ive just thought of something else - pastry, this gives me terrible indigestion so I don't eat that anymore. Its all to do with the fat content for me. Even my husband is the same (he eats what ever i put in front of him and he's happy). LOL
G: 10st10lb
Judi, I could still manage one of those if forced lol.

There seems to be trend forming here, that its the fatty foods we are being weaned away from. Why do you think that is, as opposed to the sugary foods turning us, and I wonder how long it is till the sugar fairy goes away too. It's taken a very short time for me to hate fatty, greasy food, that gacked up feeling you get when its your mouth is revolting, and I've had this feeling before when doing other diets, but, I have never, ever, ever had a repultion about chocolate. Wish I could, it would make life so much easier lol Has anybody out there been turned off chocolate, and how did it happen.
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Veggies served up swimming in butter, or a nice steak swimming in a plate full of cream - ewww too much fat!! (both things I've been served up in restaurants recently.


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We always used to have a ''OLD FASHIONED '' fry up - you know the full fat ones !!,every sunday -
2 eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tinned toms,2 slices of toast all done full fat way .
Then done them SW way .
2 poached eggs , grilled bacon, fresh toms,and dry fried nushrooms .
Now I have 2 weetabix !!
THis morning OH had 3 bacon sandwiches with vitalite on his bread ....and the smell !!!! urghhh was really gross, I told him that it smelt like burning wee it was really horrible - he reckons that there is something up with my nose !!!
I told him he will be ill later !!LOL
I too cant stand cheap sausages, I dry fry my mince and rinse it off (girl at work said i was weird ) cant stand 'spread' on bread - but then again not had bread for at least 2 months - i eat ryvita all the time -LUV it.
Cant eat chocolate - cos it sets my teeth off , so i dont eat it .
which is a bonus !!
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Julia I totally agree with you, why is it restaurants feel the need to ruin EVERYTHING with butter! Grrrrr really does my head in! x
S: 21st0lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 7st10lb(36.73%)
I used to eat anything and everything in sight! But what really disgusts me is I could eat a whole Dominoes pizza in one sitting, and I'm not talking the tiny personal ones here lol. The huge large ones with the garlic sauce dip and a bottle of full fat coke!
Oh no, I don't think anything I used to eat turns my stomach .. I couldn't eat it all the time like I used to but I could eat it as a treat as I love things like pizza! I do find now that I can track the way certain foods make me body react or feel and if there is a high fat content I often feel sick or get a bad stomach the next day (I probably used to think this was normal, oops!) but at the same time I have never been in to cream, butter or super fatty stuff - just ate too much of the things I do like such a fresh bread and pasta.

I love having treats still - but if I had of done that in the first place and kept those foods as treats I would never have been overweight in the first place :p
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The fat off bacon bleaurgh!!!! Used to love it all crispy but not now i cant even look at it, and the good news is since ive started sw i have not wanted chocolate once, my hubby bought me a bar of Galaxy the other week i managed 2 squares before it got shoved in the fridge. Its still there lurking behind eggs.


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I don't like anything fried. Yuck! The smell of fried food makes me feel ill!
Ever since I joined SW, the first time I stopped eating fried food, and have stuck with that through the years even when I was not doing SW and the pounds were piling on!
I don't like butter or marg on anything. That, too, is from my SW early days. I guess when SW gets in your head it does stick! Veggies dripping in butter, are awful!
What also turns my stomach is the sickly rich creamy cakes and pies of any sort!
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Very similar to you all...it's the really fatty stuff I can't stand any more.

Cream actually makes me feel ill. I had some in a pasta sauce in a restaurant recently and it gave me stomach cramps and very *ahem* nasty guts.
Pastry also - never eat it. And if forced (eg at a work buffet and it's the only thing on offer) then I can literally taste the grease oozing out of it. I used to like a croissant or a greggs cheese and onion pasty. Now...I couldn't do that to myself!

I steer totally clear of chippy chips. I would still be able to eat those I think, but it's just to dangerous. I would never eat a chippy fish. The batter turns my stomach. I could eat the fish inside it though.

Pizza I have absolutely no problems with at all...I could still wolf down a whole mahoosive one to myself with very little effort! :eek:

It's curious how it's the fat stuff, not the sugar that we've all moved away from. I've not got a massively sweet tooth, but do enjoy a sweet treat now and again. Interesting.
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20 chicken nuggets from Maccy D's followed by a McChicken sandwich! I could easily trough through that no problem before i started slimming but now i couldnt even eat 1 nugget - eeuuurrgggh!

Could still murder a McChicken sandwich though, mmmmmmm yummy!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I used to eat anything and everything in sight! But what really disgusts me is I could eat a whole Dominoes pizza in one sitting, and I'm not talking the tiny personal ones here lol. The huge large ones with the garlic sauce dip and a bottle of full fat coke!

Hmm. Now you make me feel quite bad.. if im in the mood for pizza i can quite hapily put a large with loads of garlic and herb dip away. Usually the texas bbq one. Yum.

I'd have to say burger bars, i can still eat kebabs, but theres one in the local shopping centre that reeks for miles, the fat and grease is disgusting and cant help but feel sick everytime i walk past, smell or see someone eating it. Gag!

i shant lie, other than that, theres not much i dont like, but i wouldnt even consider eating meat with the fat on it even if i wanted to. It just disgusts me, and i just dont know how it didnt bother me before?

I do eat all the things i used to and i love every minute of it, and honestly somtime si think 'hmm i could get used to eating this again' LOL.. but soon my sw mind kicks in a reminds me you cant be healthy and slim and eat crap haha


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