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Whats best?

Hi Everyone

Just wondering what do you find the best Slimming World or Weight Watchers?
Im on slimming world and lost nearly 7lb in two weeks but everyone says Weight watchers is much more easier to manage with dinners etc, is this right? whats your views on it please?

Apologies if its in the wrong place too.

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I've done both and I prefer ww as I like a drink of wine and found I just felt guilty on sw drinking alcohol.

On ww you get daily points plus weeklies which you don't have to use but I use them if I fancy a drink, god I sound like a lush LOL, I'm not seriously LOL.

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WW fits in much better with my life, it makes much more sense to me and there seems like so much more freedom! It also seems to me much more maintainable. I think I'm biased because ww has worked so well for me over the lst couple of years though lol
i think it depends a lot on your life style.

i tried SW last year and found that although you could have loads of free foods you really had to home cook every meal and it was no help with portion control !
and if you had a busy day it was a high syn count if you wanted a ready meal for your tea !
..... also it always seemed silly to me that you had to syn cooked fruit, pureed fruit and tinned fruit !

where as on WW you have to PP pretty much everything but i find it better as you then think about EVERYTHING you eat ! and i find it really helps with portion control and with being able to eat ww (and other store brand light choice meals) you can easily count what you are eating and just have a ready meal and salad or veg. and other easy grab as you leave the house food like cereal bars and their not to high .....

e.g i can have a cereal bar and glass of orange juice and it barely uses any of my pp where as on SW it would have been nearly all my days syns !

i have to say i'm loving WW so far ! ..... it definitely fits into my life rather then me trying to fit my life into a diet !


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theres cons and pros for both... the portion size thing with sw can be a positive and a negative... it does save weighing a great majority of food BUT its bad for people who have food issues and need control.

At the end of the day you do need some kind of calorie control to lose weight, no matter what kind of food you are eating!!

weightwatchers is great because it does allow for the occasional treat, but its also loose enough to allow abuse. For example, you could just save up your dailies by starving, then eat a big takeout every single day! Whereas you can't really do that with sw, and you have all the free food to take advantage of, so you dont tend to want to!

Doing the plan the RIGHT way is the most important. Both diets are great when they are done properly... its just whatever fits your life the best :)

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