what's diet coke chicken?

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by tinamcdonald, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    Hi guys just wondered what diet coke chicken is and if it's worth making also could you please tell me how to make it? Thanks :p
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  3. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

  4. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    O thanks Pauline sounds fab can I have that on the attack stage? How long have u been on it for?:)x
  5. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

    Oh it is delicious!! its a staple in our house, i put tarragon in it, all the family love it, leave out veggies in attack i put peppers and onion and courgettes in it on PV days
  6. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    Thanks cpl sounds lovely how long have you been on dukan for and how much have u lost so far:)
  7. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

    Hi Tina i started Dukan in April 2012, by the December i had lost 2 stone and was struggling so decided to do SW in 2013 over the course of the year i didnt lose any weight with but managed to put on a stone. So this week ive gone back to basics and completed 4 days attack losing 5 lbs.

    When i started i found the cooking aspect very difficult but gradually i have got the hang of it and most of the dukan recipes have turned out really well. I give the family the same food but just add some spuds or rice to theirs.

    Good luck Tina x
  8. Its Tessa

    Its Tessa Full Member

    NIce sounding recipe, and you may know already, but I'll mention it again, that the sweetener (aspartame), breaks down on heating to form formaldehyde ( which is very toxic). So If you are going to make this recipe, try and get non-aspartame sweetened coke. Asda sells one, and its very good.


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